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Powerful Prayers


Memorable Saint Expedito, our protector martyr!

that one day, touched by the great hand of God,
you decided to abandon the life you led as a soldier
to serve only the Celestial army,
and, stepping on the evil spirit in the form of a raven,
that asked you to postpone your conversion for another day,
you took the Holy Cross in your hands without delay
to become a server from that moment
of a superior, powerful, gracious and all loving Lord:
today I ask you to hear our humble prayer
and present it before the Heavenly Father’s throne.

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Glorious Saint Expedito, recognized by all the faithful,
for all peoples and nations for centuries,

for the wonderful, for the great and benefactor gift,

that our Merciful Father by your merits granted you,

to solve our needs, give us help,

grant our orders urgently and satisfactorily.

Saint Expedito, our beloved saint, our great mediator,

knowing your great worth before God and how miraculous you are,

today we come with fervor to present our supplications to you.

Saint Expedito blessed, please do not leave us without help,

you who were touched by the grace of God

and you received, by your unshakable faith, the Divine Light,
Come to us now that we are having bad times;

you who know our most urgent needs,

our concerns with work, or with business,

our serious difficulties and economic shortcomings,

our emotional and family problems,
you who do not leave those who call you in their affliction indifferent,
welcome our requests
and get us the favorable solution we need.

O venerated Saint, we know your power of mediation,

therefore we come to invoke you as our patron saint

and to put our fatalities and hardships in your hands,
make us be heard and get what we ask for
with enormous faith and with the most sincere hope:

(Make the request now confidently).

Glorious saint, eWe hope you reach us before God

a very urgent and favorable solution to our difficulties,

dWe are eager to feel your protection today.

At the same time we ask you with all our hearts to obtain us from God

a firmer, stronger faith that never fails,

a burning charity that inflames us in his Love

and in love for others, our brothers men,

as well as a joyful hope and confidence without doubts,

still in the midst of our many troubles.

We pray through Jesus Christ our Lord,
that, from Heaven, and next to Mary Most Holy,
he cares for us with love and sends us his blessings
so that we are protected and free from evils.
Amen. +

To thank God for everything he does for you, as well as the favors you are going to receive, Pray three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys and three Glories with devotion.

If you want to achieve greater effectiveness, repeat the prayer and prayers, in the morning and at night, for three days in a row, every day make your request with the greatest confidence you can and do not forget that Saint Expedito is a holy warrior, he is the patron saint of the afflicted, of the cases that are most urgent for us to solve, is the Saint who does the quick work, so that we do not despair, who gives us hope and helps us when we are suffering from any problem, be it love , family, money, work, health, legal issues …