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Powerful Prayers


Oh blessed Saint Expedito, much praised and venerated throughout the world,
saint of urgent cases, of those who cannot wait,
there are so many miracles that God has worked through your mediation,
that I know that placing my trust in your intercession
I will be able to reach the solution that I seek in my desolation;
I beg you with ardent fervor use your power in Heaven
and help me get the special favor
that with humility and hope I request of the Lord.

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My Saint Expedito, always good and compassionate,

patron saint of just and pressing causes,
you who lived being kind to your neighbor
and you provided your services to everyone without asking for anything in return,

intercede for me before Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Pray for me and mine, so that come to our aid,
so that he can get me out of such a difficult situation with his goodness

and grant me your thanks and protection without delay

in this hour that I am full of sorrow and hopelessness.

My San Expedito, I cry out to you! You who are the Holy warrior,

tYou who are the Holy of the afflicted, of those in need,

You who are the Saint of the desperate, of those who suffer,

tyou are the Saint of the causes that are most pressing to us
and without which we cannot achieve the happiness we crave,

protect me, protect me, don’t leave me, come to me and help me,

give me strength, so as not to lose hope,
push, so you know how to act in bad times,
courage, to face adversity without fear,
and serenity so you don’t lose your cool in a rush.

Please, answer my requests, grant me what I need!

with devotion I beg you, with all my being I beg you,
make what I need come into my life shortly:

(now, with recollection and confidence, make your request here).

You see that I’m desperate that I am overwhelmed,

give me a prompt solution so I can have peace
and I, from today and with affection I will honor you with devotion
and I will not stop bringing your name to whoever needs it.

Mighty Saint Expedito, for the faith that you never lost,

for the love you show us, for your great charity,
take my Lord Jesus quickly my great need

so that I can achieve well-being and calm,

I promise to praise you wherever I go,

your glory and your goodness, your charity and power,

as well as loving each day more and better

to our Creator and Redeemer, Jesus Christ Our Lord.

Amen. +


Oh Lord you see my anguished needs,
I ask you, through the mediation of the glorious Saint Expedito,
to whom, despite adversity, I never give up hope
and I never stop proclaiming the true faith,
give me the favors that I need to get out of pain
that in these moments my life and that of my family are seized,
make Lord my God let it be counted among the number of his servants
who has received the favors that with all my being I have requested
and that I hope to receive as soon as possible for your infinite mercy
through this of this great saint who never abandons.

Praises to You my Lord who from Glory take care of us
and you greet us when we are dejected with despair,
I thank you for your efforts to make our life better
I give you my love, what I am and what I have,
and I do not stop trusting your Divine will and your Holy Aids
every day from dusk to dawn.
Amen Jesus.

Now, to get closer to the Holy Trinity and the Virgin,
Pray with great fervor 3 Our Fathers, 3 Hail Marys and 1 Glory Be.
Prayers and prayers you have to do three times a day,
choose the hours when you can have more tranquility and concentration
and repeat them for three consecutive days.