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Powerful Prayers


Saint Benedict, exemplary monk, soul blessed by God,

admired and requested through the ages

for the many prodigious favors you grant

when you are invoked with fervor and confidence;

for your desire to protect and help the one who suffers
and he cannot get out of his suffering on his own,
Well, you, holy father, help the faithful who come to you
when problems afflict us and rob us of our peace of mind.

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Beloved Saint Benedict, I cry out to you, I place myself in your shelter,

inspire me to imitate you in all things,

deliver me from the many evils of body and soul.

Use your power and defend me and all my loved ones

of the cunning of the enemies that surround us;

banish from our homes, from our jobs and from our lives

the lurks of evil spirits, of bad people

and everything that interferes with our health and well-being.

O great Patriarch Saint Benedict, acclaimed saint by the peoples,

saint full of perfect charity and immense faith,
model of virtue, enclosure of the Grace of God,
I turn to you to free me from the dangers that surround me,
so you can save me from everything that worries me
and that makes me unable to advance or progress,
help me to overcome the damages that anguish me,
give me your very effective protection and shelter me under your protection
so my paths are clear
both in the sentimental and economic aspects.

Glorious Saint Benedict and our mighty protector,

intercede for us and pray to Jesus our Savior,

grant us the special favor we hopefully request
and what we need to live with peace and prosperity:

(make the request now)

Make Father Saint Benedict that my request will soon be fulfilled,
that can have the stability and relief that I need
now that the circumstances are adverse to me,
that once the favor I request is obtained
I can enjoy with my family the happiness that I crave,
do not stop being my friend and protector today and always
and also ask the Lord to grant us all the graces necessary
for our eternal salvation and his help in the earthly well-being,
for the health of our souls and our bodies.

May your blessing always be with me,

as well as with all those who need your help,
so that we can see and serve Christ in others
and to work with true charity for his Kingdom.

We ask you for Christ our Lord, Jesus,

that, together with the Father and the Holy Spirit,
reigns in the heights today and always.

Oh good Jesus, blessed forever are you,

True son of God and of the Virgin Mary,

that with your bloody passion and death

you have freed us from the bondage of the devil,

and, through the wonders of the Cross,

you have glorified your servant, the glorious Saint Benedict,

granting you unlimited power over the infernal powers,
Today we come to You and we beg You with humility of heart,

Grant us, through the intercession of this saint,

the victory in the assiduous fight that we sustain

not only against the devil, our main enemy,

but also against perverse doctrines

bad examples and bad company,

the envies, bad eyes, intrigues and lies,
and everything that hurts us morally and physically,

and with what people of ill will
seek to harm our lives and families,

cloud our feelings and break our stability.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph I love you and I hope in you,

save lives, protect nations and care for souls.
(Repeat this last paragraph 3 times)

Amen. +

Pray three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys and three Glories.

So that your requests are better heard in Heaven, repeat the prayer and prayers for three days in a row, do it with fervor and great faith and, above all, place your trust in the mercy of God and the powerful assistance that Saint Benedict can provide you. , he is world famous for offering his excellent protection and giving miraculous help in problems and material burdens.