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Powerful Prayers

Prayer to Saint Ambrose Asking for Help to my Life


St. Ambrose he was a governor in his 30s in Milan, and he was elected Bishop by the people, because of how much they loved him.

st Ambrose

He had an immense job in his position, composing beautiful songs to teach his people and explained fragments of the Bible and how you can live in harmony knowing the sacred scriptures. He was a great writer and peace conciliator who, faced with any conflict, could solve any problem that arose.

Saint Ambrose performed a daily Eucharist and a personal prayer in his spare time, even before going to sleep. He was a man who conversed with God always through prayer. He wrote several writings on spirituality and at the same time had time to attend to the poor and incarcerated who were seeking penance.

Our saint passed away on April 4, 1937 and in Milan and other countries his holiday is celebrated on December 7.

Saint Ambrose phrase

“I have tried to live in such a way that I do not have to be afraid to appear before the Divine Judge”


Lord Jesus Christ, I approach your altar full of fear for my sins, but also full of confidence because I am sure of your mercy.

I am aware that my sins are many and that I have not been able to control my heart and my tongue. Therefore, Lord of goodness and power, with my miseries and fears I draw near to You, source of mercy and forgiveness; I come to take refuge in You, who have given your life to save me, before you arrive as a judge to hold me accountable.

Lord, I am not ashamed to reveal my wounds to You. I am afraid of my sins, whose number and magnitude only You know; but I trust in your infinite mercy.

My Lord Jesus Christ, eternal King, God and true man, look at me with love, because you wanted to become a man to die for us. Listen to me, because I hope in You. Have compassion for my sins and miseries, You who are an inexhaustible source of love.

I adore you, Lord, because you gave your life on the Cross and offered yourself there as Redeemer for all men and especially for me. I adore Lord, the precious blood that flowed from your wounds and has purified the world of its sins.

Look, Lord, at this poor sinner, created and redeemed by You. I repent of my sins and propose to correct their consequences. Purify me of all my evils so that I may receive your holy communion less unworthily. May your Body and your Blood help me, Lord, to obtain from You the forgiveness of my sins and the satisfaction of my faults; free me from my bad thoughts, renew in me holy feelings, encourage me to do your will and protect me in all danger of soul and body.