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Powerful Prayers

Prayer to Saint Adelaide for the Family, the Church and the Poor

Saint Adelaide did a great job as a daughter of Christ our Lord, veiled for love in the family, kept faith in the church and helped the poorest by sharing their own goods.

She was married to the King of Italy, Lotario, but was poisoned years later, so she became Reyna at age 19. He had acquired all the goods of the King and Berengar, he wanted to force her to marry her with her son but she refused, and because of this she was imprisoned. He spends a lot of time with various prisoners but he maintained his kindness and love, adjudging that everything that happens to him is what God wants. She was released by P. Martir and took refuge in the castle of Canossa.

Berengar, who imprisoned her, decided to attack the castle, so Adelaida the queen asked for help from Oton, the Emperor of Germany, who accepted and arrived with his army to later defeat Berengar. Otón decided to propose marriage to Adelaida and she decided to accept.

While Otón fulfilled his role as King, our Saint Adelaide decided to dedicate her life to those most in need, sharing food. He also decided to build temples to help missionaries and religious.

His purpose in life was to follow the steps that God invited him to do, evangelize various citizens to the Catholic religion, and help reconcile peace between families or couples.

He decided to retire after his grandson Oton III took over the reign, and spent his last days praying and thanking the Lord for all he gave him.

When is the saint of Santa Adelaida?

The festival is December 16

🙏Prayer to Saint Adelaide🙏

Lord, what have you made of your creation,
a reflection of your infinite beauty and goodness,
man in your image and likeness,
who do you put as a model,
to Saint Modesto, to venerate him
because you work miracles through his intercession when we ask him.

Therefore through your servant Saint Modesto
we beg you to grant us to be restorers of the modern church
to whom your children correspond to your love.
We ask you to give us the perseverance of faith
that he taught with his word and way of example.