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Powerful Prayers

Prayer to Open the Ways of Luck and Economic

In the name of Jesus,
Which is always and will be by my side,
I ask for help to get out of this bad situation,
To unlock, unblock,
Clean and open my ways,
For the bad luck I’m having
Stay away forever,
So that the ruin leaves my person,
My family, my home.
In the name of our Lord Jesus,
I ask that good luck come to me,
Clear the roads,
And get fortune, work, love and peace.
Lord, You are my guide on the right paths,
You have before me a wall in front of my enemies
So that they can not harm me with their envy and gossip,
So that they can not affect or harm my economy;
You anoint my head with oil to bless me,
With you only goodness and happiness accompany me.
I believe in you Jesus, protect me,
Help me to get back to calm,
Give me everything I need right now:
(Make the request of your Need)
Thank you Jesus for listening to me,
Thank you for opening all my ways,
To remove from my life this bad streak that I pass through,
For bringing to my life the beneficial rays
That will give me well-being,
I know that with your help, abundance and prosperity
They will come to me today,
And the burdens, anxieties, sorrows,
Miseries and difficulties will disappear.
Pray three Paternosters and three Glories