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Powerful Prayers


Mary, our very dear Mother of Heaven,

Holy Virgin of Peace, Love and Understanding,
You have always had a deep knowledge

of the mystery of God’s mercy;
You close us to Him and you are the one who,

in a special and exceptional way,

you have experienced Divine Mercy in yourself

and at the same time, and for your dedication,
you have made possible with the sacrifice of the heart

the revelation of Mercy to men
through the Passion and the Cross of your Son,
You have discovered and solemnly proclaimed

God’s Mercy from generation to generation,

for this we acclaim you “Mother of Mercy!”

we appeal with simplicity to your maternal heart
to continue making visible and lasting

the Mercy of your Son towards us men.

Mercy and Love, most sweet beautiful Mother,

today we implore you for each one of us your children,

Mercy for those of us who suffer from poverty,

those of us who suffer from serious monetary difficulties,
those of us who hope to have a more peaceful and blissful life
with a stable and well-paid job
and without material burdens that make us suffer.

Mother of Mercy, pray for us!,
distribute your generous help among us

and intercede with your beloved Son, our Lord Jesus,
so that by his mercy, by his power and glory,
we can solve this agonizing need:

(to make the request with great faith and trust)

Virgin Mary, Mother of Mercy,
carry us in your heart at all times,
and help us with your benevolence and love to be better
no longer stop trusting in the power of God,
help us with your usual generosity
to receive the blessings and favors we hope for
and don’t let despair take us away from you,
make our hearts charitable
and at no time do we stray from the Word,
give us strength, patience and humility
and above all pray for us, your devoted children,
and give us refuge in your Immaculate Heart.

O Lady of Endless Mercy, to You I confidently cry out,

ask the Lord to pour out his blessings on me,

his providence, his wisdom and his protection,

tell him I’m waiting for prosperity to come into my life

and the deficiencies that surround me are over.

Virgin Mary do not turn away from me, you know that I love you,

that I place my hope in your powerful intercession;

Mother do not stop accompanying me on my hard path,

I offer you my affections, I put my hopes in You

and I hope that what I ask of your miraculous hands is fulfilled,

what with so much desire and humility I request

and what comes to me in abundance I …….
I will share it with a willing heart,
with gratitude and good disposition,
with my brothers, those who suffer and are most in need.

Amen. +

Pray the Salve, a Hail Mary and a Gloria.

Trust that your prayers will be heard, that through the mediation of Mary Most Holy Almighty God will act in your life according to his will and will give you what you need for the good of you and those you love. Talk to the Virgin Mary and tell her everything that worries you and takes away your sleep, beg her to cover you with her Mantle and help you to overcome the bad times you are going through. then pYou can make this PRAYER OF THANKS TO THE VIRGIN:

Oh Mother, today I want to thank you for the mercy that you give me, and the benefits that I get through you daily, I want to thank your daily and constant protection, as well as the times that I have felt your great generosity and the relief that you have given me when I have asked you,

That is why I give you everything, my heart and life, I place my home, my family, with our sufferings and our illusions, under your feet, I ask you to guide us along safe and certain paths, give us wisdom and patience so as not to err and, above all, give us your blessing and understanding so that everything goes well for us.