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Powerful Prayers

Prayer to keep my husband’s lover away (100% EFFECTIVE)


What God has united, man or woman will not be able to separate, and that is why I am going to share the most powerful and effective prayer for you to free your spouse from his / her lover.

Perhaps you have had a fight or a bad moment in your relationship and that is where said woman (lover) got involved with your husband, to cajole him and stay with him. When the relationship is weak, this woman appears with bad intentions to intrude and incite the man to commit infidelity and disunite the family.


There is no weapon more powerful than that of the Lord, talk to him every night and ask him with great faith that “husband’s name” comes back to you, that there is a family waiting at home. Do not be afraid, do not feel sorry, it is not your fault, but that of those unscrupulous people who do not respect what God has united.

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🙏Prayer to keep my husband’s lover away 🙏

Lord, you who listen to me and are a powerful being, today I come to ask you through this prayer to free my husband from his lover, that the marriage that you have joined is the only thing he wants.

I ask you to enlighten my husband, that everything dark and evil that is around him, be removed and no longer return. May we remember our marriage in your presence, how we swore eternal love until we meet you. I ask you to expel from her life that woman who is committing adultery and has incited the sin of my loved one.

Oh God Father Creator, I beg you that my family be united again, that happiness and love return to my home, if it is our will and good, make my husband return home as soon as possible and love each other as one day we promised .

In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, of the Blessed Virgin Mary and of her blessed husband Joseph and by virtue of the power of the Sacrament of marriage, of the union of a couple,
I cry out and claim the heart of my husband-to ……. (say the name) and expel from the heart and thought of my husband @ ……. (name him-the lover) who tries to separate what God has united and wants to remove from my life the person I love and how much I need to be with me …… (your name).

I am grateful, Almighty God, for all the love you have given me. Please take care of me and my husband, because you are the teacher who guides our home.


Infidelity is a sin that God does not endorse, going against what our Lord Father has determined by uniting two people who love each other. Also sisters I do not recommend you wish evil to said woman, forgiveness of our enemies is something that God teaches us to preach and exercise.

Perhaps said woman is being manipulated by the devil, her mind is clouded and we must also pray for her so that God enlightens her heart and mind and realizes the mistake she is making by separating a couple.