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Powerful Prayers

Prayer to forget a Love that has Hurt you

Prayer to forget a Love

I decide to forget, to leave behind, to that person who has been the object of my affections. This stage of my life is over, one cycle ends and another begins.

I welcome what life brings me, here and now, since the here and now is all that I actually have. I leave the past behind, I do not worry about the future. I bless that being from which I walk away, and I let it go, I give it to the Universe.

I also give the memories of the pleasant moments; the images of those memories are losing brightness and color, they become blurred and they move away, until they get out of my sight. Nobody is indispensable.

Love is only one, that of the Universe, and just as he gave me that person, so he took it from me, and he can bring me to another person who truly complements me.

Farewell I say goodbye to (………..) I move away from my pain, I know that God wants it so that a new love comes.