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Powerful Prayers

Prayer to clean your Home with help of St. Michael

Beloved Archangel Michael descends upon me
Home with the light of Our Lord
So that you eradicate from this place all negativity,
Cutting chains of denial, anger, pain,
Vices and lack of faith, so that in this way
My home can enter the most holy presence
Of the Father bringing with it love, understanding,
Prosperity and faith.
That our Lord may always be with us.
Stop the attacks of evil Take away everything that could harm us I especially ask for your help to: (Make the request) Saint Michael the Archangel Endowed with compassionate love for men Gird your armor to our body and our soul So that nothing and no evil one can It can pass to preserve and protect us at all times. Protective Saint Michael Spread your wings over us, Make us know how to imitate your virtues Especially your fidelity and zeal for the glory of God, Make our faith in him prevail. May you be protected and protected with your strength and humility With your great confidence and your power When we come out of this earthly life Let us be presented by you, free from all guilt, Before merciful God.