child joshua

Prayer to child Jesus for all the children

child joshua

The devotion that exists for the Child Jesus also known as Divine Child is one of the most sacred symbols among Catholics. The child Jesus gives representation to all those children who for one reason or another were lost or aborted. His name and his image are spread throughout the world, as an important image of the Catholic Church.

The child Jesus represents our Lord Jesus Christ in his childhood. That is, we mostly know Jesus Christ as the man on the cross. However, we honor him very little in his childhood and that is why we have the image of the Divine Child, also present in our faith and devotion.

The first Sunday of the month of September marks the day of the Divine Child Jesus. All the devotees come to the church to thank them for all the miracles granted. The overriding desire that devotees most often request is to grant the blessing of children to the families that need it most.

  1. Prayer to baby Jesus to keep him in our day
  2. Prayer to the Child Jesus to have a better family coexistence

Prayer to baby Jesus to keep him in our day

Divine Child, you are the most almighty being
The one who is responsible for guiding me on the path of good,
The one who gives me the strength to get up when I have fallen,
The one who is always present in my life, although I may forget some days of you,
I beg you please, never leave me, don't forsake me,
Neither me nor my family, who are the most important thing in my life,
Just as you are with the Holy Virgin Mary and with the Almighty Father
I ask you to bless me today, and always, for ever and ever

Prayer to the Child Jesus to have a better family coexistence

Child Jesus,

You who are next to your mother the Virgin Mary and your father our Lord God
Bless me and my family, whenever we need strength and encouragement,
Give us your help to continue on the best path
Help us to see reason when we need it
Bless us every day we go out
And protect us from all evil
We will always appreciate it

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