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Powerful Prayers

Prayer To Be Very Intelligent In No Time –

There is the prayer to be smart in the religions of the book.

Would you like to have a powerful memory?

Are you wondering how to be smart?

Or do you just want to learn and remember without ever forgetting?

If your answer is Yes to any of the above questions, well, forget about brain programs and miracle dietary supplements first. They work, but, for a short time and it takes time. Use a prayer to be smart will give you more results and that quickly.

Can a prayer really help to be smarter?

“The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord; And the science of the saints is intelligence ”. Proverbs 9:10

In spirituality, everything starts from the fact that everything is possible. With this belief that God and the powers that govern the world have supreme and infinite intelligence, we can then believe without being mistaken that he (God) can endow whoever he wants with an intelligence of geniuses.

In Islam for example, the story goes that the prophet Mohammed PSBL was an illiterate complement. Then God inspired him and gave him a higher intelligence. Sura 96 ​​Al-Alaq says all about this especially when God says in verse 5: “I taught the man what he did not know.”

God can open memories and teach you things that you can’t even imagine.

If in other areas it is said that a prayer for my intelligence will not work, but in spirituality we believe and we see that a powerful prayer can do anything, even make you very intelligent.

Below, you will learn about the prayers to become smarter. There is for Muslims and for Christians.

I) Prayer to be very intelligent Islam

There are several prayers and verses in Islam to boost one’s intelligence naturally. Without going into elastic explanations, here is the prayer that works wonders when it comes to becoming intelligent. *

This is Sura 87: Al A’la.

Surah Al A'LA Prayer to be very intelligent Islam

The prayer to be very intelligent islam this surah. It can be recited most often in water and drink. Or, simply reciting as an accompanying surah in various daily prayers.

Here is an effective recipe for students and pupils who wish to retain and restore easily.

      • Write verse 6 of sura 87, 7 times on a wooden slate or on a piece of paper,
      • Dilute with half a glass of drinking water,
      • Add a spoon of pure honey
      • Drink all at once.

When you have drunk, go to bed for 10 to 15 minutes. You might have a bit of a headache, but, it is its action to open up your brain.

After this, you will easily remember and remember it easily.

This recipe is made at most twice a year. She is very powerful.

If you are wondering which prayer to be super smart, here is one you can try. Tested and approved.

Need more simple and effective mystical recipes in Islam, click here for more details.

II) Prayer for an infallible memory when you are a Christian

“Lord, you are the source of all life, of all truth and of all
beauty, today I pray with all my heart for my
intelligence, this light in me, this plant that takes years
and years of care, this thing in me, mysterious and moving,
this activity which sometimes jumps, sometimes slows down, which sometimes
raises enthusiasm and sometimes exasperates me, I pray for this thing
running after ideas, symbols and numbers, this sudden
penetrated inside the thought of the other and merges with it
like the fusion of two lights a fusion that brings warmth and

I pray for my mind cause you are the supreme intelligence
which penetrates, illuminates and embraces all our intelligence. Lord,
help to make my intelligence accessible to all truths, capable
to understand the thoughts of others; give me the wisdom of
know the meaning and purpose of my life and my learning, so that
my knowledge, understanding and skills can help
in a few little ways to make this world a better place, for your
greater glory.

This prayer to be intelligent is quite powerful and can be used in many areas. Devotion is the key word here.

Short prayer to be blessed with an intelligent spirit

“To my Lord,

You have guided me here and you have watched over me in the
hard times and in dark places. Lord you blessed me
with a smart mind, big mind and strong body help me
to use these attributes on your holy name to do well for them
others and exert a positive influence in this life that you have for me

Grant me success and confidence in everything I do….


This prayer to be very smart is suitable when you want to find inspiration to make good decisions.

You can also use the second division of Psalm 119 to endow your intellect.

How to become smarter with brain training?

You can combine prayer to become smart with good Brain training to be very smart.

If you could increase your brain power, then theoretically you could accomplish almost anything.

Of course, it is not enough to say a prayer to become smarter. You also have to learn, read, etc. Then, you may need to avoid certain foods that cause memory problems like shelled products. Plus, using Brain Training can help you become even smarter.