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Powerful Prayers

Prayer to ask for the blessing of the home


My God, bless my house,
To be a home of love and peace.
Bless the door open
Like two extended arms welcoming.
Bless the windows that let in the sun every morning and where they appear the stars that are lights of hope.
Bless the walls that defend us from the wind, from the cold
And who are our friends in the hours that pass.
Bless our table and the places of work to help us and the place of rest to keep us.
Bless the roof that covers the cares of today and the dreams of tomorrow and keeps forever among the living
The sacred memory of those who have gone.
Bless the feelings, the tenderness,
The longings that will flourish in our lives.
Bless our thoughts to be pure,
The words to be straight,
Our actions to lead us to You.
Bless our hours of peace and silence,
So that we strengthen our spirit together.
Bless our sorrows and joys
Because they are the heart of the family.
Lord stay with us
In your abode
in our house….
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