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Powerful Prayers

Prayer To Archangels And Angels For Good Luck, Money And Work

Prayer To Archangels And Angels For Good Luck, Money And Work
Oh, angelic spirits!
O blessed Archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael!
O holy angels kindly spirits of light!
You who are the torch and the sword,
Ye that adversities depart,
Light my way,
Illumine my mind
And discipline my inner strengths;
Give me help and encouragement
To find money and work
I desperately need …
Saints Angels and benefactors Archangels
Influence the mind and heart
Of all those who can offer me a job,
And help me work and professionally
To overcome the hardships I’m going through.
Make them take into account
My job applications,
Help me overcome interviews,
I have influenced you to hire me.
Come Michael, Gabriel, Raphael,
Next to the holy angels of heaven!
Come to my aid!
I need a decent, stable and well-paid job,
And I need money urgently
To solve my anguished economic needs,
Debts, payments and bills accumulate in my home,
I can not cope with everyday expenses;
But I know that if I get a good job,
And you make good luck with me,
I will be able to solve my economic problems
How much my family, my home is hurting.
Holy angels, guardians and companions of mine,
Glorious Archangels,
My great defenders and protectors
Do not hold your love and enlighten and open my ways
To overcome all the difficult situations,
Especially this one that today both worries me and oppresses me:
(Make the request with faith and hope).
My beloved Holy Angels and Archangels,
I thank you with all my heart
For I know that you will heed my sincere and humble petitions;
Make me enjoy your assistance and protection
In this hard and long journey of life
Until I reach my eternal home in Heaven where,
In union with you,
Praise and glorify forever
The mercy that God has with me.