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Powerful Prayers

Prayer request to the Lord of Miracles

Our Father, My Crucified Christ
Lord of the Miracles:
 You who are the physician of bodies and souls,
Illuminates and inspires in this day, our prayer
That together in full faith, love and unity,
We come humbly today to implore you
For the health of our dear brother Ivan.
You who by your wounds have healed us from sin,
You that for that immense love for us
You were offended, spanked and crucified
 We ask: Sanalo Señor …
Give peace of mind and soul
Give strength and hope
Who today also suffer with their pain
My Purple Christ,
We are confident that “a single word of yours will suffice to heal you.”
We are sure that you listen to us
 As you have heeded the prayers of the countless devotees
 Who have attained peace and well-being, health and forgiveness.
Seeing you nailed to the cross, Lord of Miracles,
We recognize the mystery of infinite love
With which you shed your blood for us all,
To give us life and save us.
We want to join your holy cross,
Accepting with love the sufferings that life brings
 And offer them for the salvation of the world.
Lord of Miracles,
Welcomes our plea
By our dear brother Ivan, we trust in you.