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Powerful Prayers


Receive, oh Lord!

these three coins that I deposit here

for the worship of your Divine Providence,

let them be the emblem
of the three powers of my soul:

memory, intelligence and will,

that is always protected under your paternal command,

and at the same time I ask you that my poor body

enjoy at all times the house in which to live,

of clothes with which to cover

In the name of the Father I deposit the first coin,

in the name of the Son, the second coin,

in the name of the Holy Spirit, the third.

Your Divine Providence extends every moment

so that we never lack a house, clothing and sustenance
and our financial needs do not cause us torment.

I awake now, my Lord, Eternal Father

my body and my soul to serve you,

and, in this first hour,

like all the hours of my life,

I give myself to you, my God,

everything I have and am I put at your disposal.

God the Father of Heaven,
God, the Redeemer Son of the world,
God the Holy Spirit
Holy Trinity, One God,

I praise and glorify you, I give you my heart

and I deposit my anguish and poverty on your plants

so that you turn them into joy and well-being.

Almighty and everlasting God

that you open your hand and fill with blessings
to all the living, to your earthly children,
we trust with all our being in your Divine providence
and we beg you to always free us from ruins and poverties,

may your provision reach us as soon as possible,

may your holy mercy be our good

when we are full of problems
and help us in adversity and deficiencies

so our paths are clear

and we do not have to suffer or go through uneasiness.

Oh Lord who cares for us from above

and you give us your affections so that we do not suffer,

keep alleviating our woes,

in You we trust and in You we hope;

We thank you for being our protection

and give us your blessings, your favors and protection

every day of our lives.
So be it. +

Pray three Our Fathers and three Glories with devotion.

This prayer is very effective if you do it with faith and hope and it can be prayed any day, although the most indicated are the first Friday of the month, or first Sunday of the month, or first day of the month. You can repeat it as many times as you want or need to get out of the economic hardships that afflict you and take away your sleep.

You have to deposit the three coins in an image or beggar that you find in a chapel, church or parish, close to where you are. If you are unable to do so, give the three coins to someone in need or make a promise to deliver them to a church, or Christian place of worship, when possible.

Do not doubt that you are going to receive the Divine Aids, trust and do the test, you will see that the Lord who is infinitely good and merciful, it will multiply what you give to others with faith, hope and joy.