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Powerful Prayers

Prayer of the Holy Crusade to defeat the Enemies

In this prayer to the Mother of Dolores, we recognize that we rarely experience joy without first having endured adversity.

We ask Mary, who experienced much pain in her own life, to pray for us, so that, in the midst of trials and tribulation,

we can glimpse the joy that comes when we persevere as faithful witnesses of Christ. To the Mother of Dolores:

Most Holy Virgin and Mother; whose soul was pierced by a sword of pain in the Passion of your divine Son, who in his glorious Resurrection was filled with an eternal joy in His triumph;

obtain for those who invoke you to be participants in the adversities of the Holy Church and the pains of the Sovereign Pontiff,
to be found worthy to rejoice with them in the consolation for which we pray, in the charity and peace of Christ himself, our Sir. Amen.