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Powerful Prayers

Prayer of protection against all evil

Prayer of protection
Spirit of the Lord, Spirit of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Holy Trinity, Immaculate Virgin, angels, archangels and saints of paradise, descend upon me.
Fure me, Lord, model me, fill me with you, use me.
Cast out of me all the forces of evil, annihilate them, destroy them, that I may be well and do good.
Cast out from me the hexes, the witchcraft, the black magic, the black masses, the spells, the bonds, the curses and the evil eye; Diabolic infestation and diabolical obsession; All that is evil, sin, envy, jealousy and perfidy; Physical, psychic, moral, spiritual and diabolical disease.
Burn all these evils in hell, so that they will never touch me or any other creature in the world.
In the name of Jesus Christ the Savior, through the Immaculate Virgin, I command and command with the strength of Almighty God, all the unclean spirits, all the presences that bother me, to abandon me immediately, to abandon me definitively and to leave To eternal hell.
Chained by St. Michael the Archangel, by St. Gabriel, by St. Raphael, by our guardian angels, crushed under the heel of the Most Holy Immaculate Virgin.