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Powerful Prayers

Prayer of Abandonment to Charles de Foucauld for a Merciful Heart


Carlos de Foucauld grew up an orphan, living alone with his sister Maria and his grandfather. He decided to pursue a military career and lost faith in adolescence. Following a dark life but everything changes when he embarks on a trip to Morocco and questions about the existence of God after hearing testimonies of faith from Muslims.

“My God, if you exist, make me know you.”

When he returns to France, he is received with great love by his Christian family and decides to start his search for God and it is Father Huvelin who will guide him.

“As soon as I understood that there was a God, I understood that I could not do anything other than to live only for Him.”

Carlos de Foucauld Each year that passes he strengthens his vocation and love for the Lord more and he is converted a Priest at 43 years of age. He decides to undertake several trips to forgotten towns or places in order to proliferate that God exists and that he accepts everyone as his children.

On December 1, he is assassinated at his home and that date is when this prayer is performed:

🙏Prayer of Charles de Foucauld🙏

My father,
I abandon myself to You.

Make me what you want.

What you do with me I appreciate it,
I am ready for anything
I accept everything.
As long as Your will is done in me
and in all your creatures,
I don’t want anything else, my God.

I put my life in Your hands.
I give it to you, my God,
with all the love in my heart,
because I love you,
and because for me loving you is giving myself,
deliver myself into Your hands without measure,
with infinite confidence,
because You are my Father.