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Powerful Prayers

PRAYER FOR CHILDREN WHO ARE AWAY from the love of their parents

Praying for children who are far from both the love of their parents and their relatives should be a habit established by parents. It is considered the best way to care for them. Learn more about this type of prayer in this post.

Prayer for children who are far away 1

Prayer for children who are far away

This petition is powerful to mediate before our Lord Jesus Christ for our children, particularly in this very rare circumstance as it is the point where they are very far from us, therefore, we cannot be physically close to them due to multiple causes.

In any case, through the request we can deeply unite with them, begging God to control and accompany them constantly, to enlighten them and give them their security, constantly removing from our children any component that may even affect them.

Christ Jesus, my dedicated friend, thank you for listening to us,

I come to you,

to ask you for my son who is in an external nation.

You, who have the ideals of being by his side,

That is why I dedicate it to your consideration.

Master, help him on his way,

let you overcome any inconvenience you may experience

and consequently, it will survive throughout daily life.

Holy God, give your hand, I realize we can depend on your insurance.

Prayer for children who are far away 2

My god go with him

Save your way out, as does your hallway.

shelter him with your holy mantle and give him your effort

Walk in front of him with your defensive shield

In the dark night, in the dark times,

May your light guide him, may your voice control him, may your affection react in him.

Reveal yourself Lord, tune in and take care of it, take into account my plea

and grant me the pleasure of watching him survive

any hesitation you may discover on your way.

Master Jesus, set aside and seal with your defensive soul

To get away from him, the scoundrel,

grant, Lord, much well-being, like the daily bread.

Prayer for children who are far away 3

Favor him, God, may he need nothing, may nothing assault him!

what is more, that everything horrible about him is isolated,

I suspect it, I proclaim it, I’m sure of you, Lord.

I stand before you, to thank you

for all the magnificent endowments and favors with which you fill my days.

What incredible happiness it is to proclaim to your child and realize that

it is its beautiful light that helps me, deals with me and leads me to form euphoria and amazement.

Likewise, Dad, I thank you for each of those people

that are part of my life, for my lovely family and for my colleagues.

Today, brimming with confidence and expectation,

I need to make an exceptional request

for the people who are close to my heart,

but that for unknown reasons have needed

build their lives in distant places.

Dear God, there are people that I appreciate but that separation prevents me from hugging.

Today I embrace you with my prayers and I ask you to control them,

treat them and accompany them every day of their lives.

I ask that your approval falls on my friends and family who are there.

If it is not too much trouble, build up your soul, give them strength to overcome difficulties,

trust them to stay solid and in euphoria

with the goal that they can live every day

with confidence and positive thinking.

It would be ideal if you take them by the hands and guide them along paths

full of triumphs and joy, if you don’t mind defending yourself

of all hatred and sickness of their lives and in particular:

go with them every day,

so that they can fulfill their most outstanding fantasies and desires.

Prayer for children who are far away 5

What’s more, if for unknown reasons

separation will anguish your spirit,

will murmur in your ear inspiring statements

and expectations and will make them remember that when love is valid,

any circumstance underlies,

any separation

and that is more remarkable than the penalty of the partition.

I thank you very much Lord,

since you hear my plea and I thank you kindly

for all the wonderful things you will do in our lives.

In you we place our fantasies

and our expectations,

since you are adoring, loving and unlimitedly kind,



How often do we hear the expression We should pray for our children! During the day, it is most likely that, in any case, once a relative, colleague or minister leaves home; Even our contacts, through interpersonal organizations, through messages or networks, do not write to know how they are and how everything is working where they are.

The welcome and inspiration to plead has numerous reasons, for our young people, for our problems and ailments, even for the fortuitous events with them and so on.

Making a prayer are the lovely words that lead us to an inner harmony, in any case, beyond that, it would be all that anyone could need, in light of the fact that obtaining it, would be more rational, solid and intelligent in our method of action. (See Article: The Power of Prayer)

In addition, there would be more passionate knowledge to face the problems and confrontations of each day, more resistance, greater philanthropy and mercy, and therefore, there would be more love without uncertainty in our families.

In any case, when we make our request, in general it gives us apathy, it is typically poor and tired, and more than, as a matter of first importance, to make an acknowledgment to praise God, express gratitude towards Him and fill ourselves with his quality and his Holy Spirit to confront our deficiencies, weaknesses for which we shame and harm our neighbors, ourselves, our youth, our partner.

Even our people, children, companions, society and the Church, and in this way, God wastes because we do not understand the capital of gratitude that we can overcome for our family, for our young people and for us as their teachers.

In the event that the guardians knew of all the progression of the very grateful, of all the deluge of endowments that God has given us, and that through us our young people obtain from Him, we would not question for a second, nor would it be every The movement towards the beginning of the day more and more significant, to make a couple of minutes of supplication for them.

It is necessary to surrender their lives to the Sacred Heart, their arrangements, their tasks, their daily life, favor their instructors, their supervisors, their classmates, their schoolmates at work, particularly the people who annoy them so much and make them threaten the day. This request would help us to be better for them.

Our young people also have their own huge problems, their adolescent friends, also young, married, isolated, everything and perhaps a problematic circumstance, a purpose behind sadness and the emergence of trust, which limits them even to discovering arrangements, acquiring qualities and most importantly, feeling bewildered in God.

The request is priceless, if ideally it is made between both parents, if this is possible, we do it together. In any case, it will be equally legitimate if the father and mother do it independently. (See Article: The power of early morning prayer)

Nobody overlooks the accelerated action day by day, we hardly have space in the schedule to flee to leave the young people or get the opportunity to work, or prepare for our responsibilities, a meeting, a breakfast with colleagues, to the exercise center, to the market, or any other place that is destined for it.

However, despite going to class, with the children or going directly to work, the trip can be where together you can complete a couple of minutes of prayer, to give thanks, favor the environment and thus ask the Holy Spirit to strengthen our deficiencies.

We cannot eliminate the malevolence of the world, nor of our young people, however, I believe that without a doubt if we can show them that through petition, they can discover the qualities, the character and the excellent options of growth in God.

Despite the troublesome time they have needed to live and for which they must be prepared and solid, but most importantly, have a sense of security that their supplication gets the help of God our Lord.

Jesus Christ, despite being the son of God, constantly resigned himself to supplication, he separated himself, he generally did not do so in the sanctuary or in the synagogues, but he implored and also asked, like us, that he be allowed not to.

Just experiencing that horrible death but, more importantly, instructs us that he called for quality and acknowledging his Father’s desire.

The important thing is not to want to pray, but to do it, at the break of the day, when they leave home and do not rest in the evening, without having favored them and asked God for them, or in the possibility that you give yourself reality to tune in to God in the church or through the Bible, all of this will have any kind of effect that will leave a mark on your own and on your family members.