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Powerful Prayers

prayer for a miracle right now

prayer for a miracle right now


Powerful and Effective Prayer to Obtain a Miracle
The events to which we are exposed every day can be very difficult and painful, illnesses, accidents and situations incited by evil can occur suddenly. Going through one of these moments has only one solution and can only happen if we trust in Our Father, so prayer for a miracle is ideal to ask God to help us when we need it most.

Allowing evil to enter our life is synonymous with allowing bad things to happen to us, so we must enter the world of prayer, so we can talk to Our Lord in situations of anguish and despair, He will always find a solution for us and see If we deserve a miracle. Remember that the love of Our Father is infinite and you never want to see us suffer.

Never turn away from God because that opens the way to evil, she will enter your life and put up difficult or even impossible obstacles to overcome. Our faith is the greatest protection we have and if we forget it we become vulnerable, evil finds the free way to break into our lives.

Prayer of power to obtain a miracle from God

Oh Almighty God!

I bow before you today

Well, I’ve been weak and I’ve allowed evil to enter my life

I have not been able to stop him

And now I have to deal with a problem that has no solution


Father may not be worthy to receive a miracle from you

But I know you’ll look at me with kind eyes

And you’ll pity me, because I’m your son

I beg you, my Lord

You are the only one able to help me

Grant me this wish, I will know how to thank you and take care of it.