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Powerful Prayers

Prayer against coronavirus  

As we are going through this coronavirus pandemic, here I leave you with this powerful prayer that the Almighty Lord will keep us safe from this tedious disease.

prayers for the coronavirus 

Lord Jesus, our Divine Physician we ask you to save us and protect us from the coronavirus disease and from all lethal diseases. Have mercy on all those who have died. Heal all who are sick. Enlighten all the scientists who are looking for a remedy.

Strengthens and protects all health workers who are currently helping the sick. Give victory to all civilians who are trying to limit contagion, and give peace to all who are afraid and concerned, especially the elderly and people at risk.

May your Precious Blood be our defense and salvation. By your grace, transform the evil of disease in these moments of consolation, growth in faith and hope.

May we fear the contagion of sin more than any other disease and deliver us from this coronavirus disease.  We abandon ourselves with all confidence in your infinite mercy. Amen



Rub the disinfectant on your hands and ask God to protect the professionals
health (doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, staff and
other workers) who are taking care of all the people affected by the
Ask God to give you peace, wisdom, to anoint you to do your work and to give you
protect from infection.



There are many people who will be indirectly affected by the pandemic of the disease coronavirus.
Ask God to comfort those who are mourning the loss of beings
dear ones, for provision for those who are going through financial hardship
for not being able to go to work, and for the business bosses when facing such
unprecedented alteration of life.
Say the blessing prayer of Numbers 6: 24-26 over each group.