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Powerful Prayers

Powerful prayers

Powerful prayers
Powerful prayers

Powerful prayers to ask for the most difficult causes
Powerful prayers are those prayers for those moments of our life, moments of greatest need, in which we require all possible help from God, to help us and give us the strength to continue our journey.

These powerful prayers, we can dedicate to the highest at any time of the day, whether when waking up, during the morning, while working or before bedtime, since God always hears our prayers and helps us to comfort ourselves.
Why do we need powerful prayers?
Life is a roller coaster that constantly places tests that we think are very difficult to overcome. However, God does nothing arbitrarily and always paves the way for us to overcome our difficulties.
One way to overcome difficult moments or some obstacle in our lives is to use prayer. Well, this is the most direct mechanism we will find to talk to God and tell him what ails us.
Next, the powerful prayers that will allow us to achieve or achieve what we most yearn for:
Perfect powerful prayer to achieve what you want
Come, Creator Spirit, visit the souls of your faithful and fill the hearts with divine grace, which You yourself created.
You are our Comforter, gift of God Most High, living source, fire, charity and spiritual anointing.
You pour the seven gifts upon us; the finger of the hand of God; the fiance of the Father; You, who put on our lips the treasures of your word.
Turn on our senses with your light; infuse your love in our hearts; and, with your perpetual help, strengthen our weak flesh, turn the enemy away from us, give us peace soon, be our guide Yourself, and put under your direction, we will avoid all harmful things.
By You we know the Father, and also the Son; and that in You, Spirit of both, we create at all times.,
Glory to God the Father, and to the Son who rose, and to the Comforting Spirit, for the infinite centuries. Amen.
The paths of prayer
In life we ​​always need God to cling to a supreme being that gives us security and peace. However, we do not always know what is the best way to reach it. If you feel lost on your way to God navigate this page and discover several very powerful prayers that will allow you to start a conversation with the creator.