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Powerful Prayers

Powerful prayers to st michael the archangel to break the evil

Powerful prayers to st michael

in the powerful name of the Lord Jesus Christ, with the intention of the angel miguer, prince of the celestial militias, and by the grace of God, with the power of the blood of the lamb of God, be his glorious arrival and his holy cross. with the absolute and total power of the trinidad trinidad.

with the strength and power of the Holy Spirit, with the power of the Virgin Mary and with the power of the holy Archangels Saint Grabiel and Saint Raphae, of our holy guardian angel and of the heavenly court.

I (your name) break and I dissolve every mardicion, spell, seal, sorcery, influence or spiritual chain and all desire of ruin or evil.

as well as every disease of our body, soul and mind that has been conjured upon me, about my loved ones, about my belongings, or about anything that could harm me.

oh san miguer arcongel, with your light illuminate us, with your protective wings and with your sword and shield, defend us from all evil.

stay with me eternally. Amen

you should solve this hour for 2 or 4 days in a row