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Powerful Prayers

powerful prayers for the protection of my dog

prayers for the protection of my dog

Merciful San Roque,
holy virtuous, clement and miraculous,
that you gave yourself body and soul to our Father God
and you loved the animals heartily
and for that you are his glorious patron,
do not leave them without help when they need it
do not let them feel helpless in the face of adversity
and give them everything they need for their well-being.

Pray to the Lord, please and blessing for my pet …….
and keep it-all your life under your protection and custody.

He-she is a member of the family,
is my friend-a and partner-to,
He is the one who gives me his love unconditionally,
He is faithful and comforts me and gladdens my days
and it gives me much more than what it receives.

San Roque beloved, glorious servant of the Lord,
that you were miraculously helped by a puppy
when men abandoned you because of your illness,
he, with fidelity, brought you daily rolls
and with love lick your sores to relieve your pain,
and that’s why you’re the protector of pets,
today I come to you full of confidence
and knowing that you are good and kind
I entrust you to my pet …….

Protect him-to always be happy,
Candle for my dear-to ……. (name of the pet)
that does not lack food, or bed, or company, or games,
stay away from all evil, from all harm and bad situation;
never be sad or feel abandoned,
that is never lacking in affection, care and friendship
so that you never feel fear, fear, or loneliness,
always be treated with love and respect
so that he lives full of joy and well-being
and have a long and happy life.

I ask you, blessed San Roque for your health,
moves away from ……. diseases,
from the Heavens he sends healing for …….
with immense confidence and faith, in your hands I leave it,
Make him recover his strength and energy soon
so that he does not suffer more,
do not let him suffer or feel pain,
relieves their sufferings, heals their wounds or illness.

San Roque I beg you, do not let ……. this away from me,
do not let bad people cause you harm,
if it gets lost or stolen
send a Guardian Angel from Heaven
to accompany him in such a bad situation
and keep it under its wings so it will not be damaged,
and do, my saint, soon to return to my side,
that does not go through abuse, sadness or anguish,
and that I will find it or be returned to me as soon as possible
without any wound and full of vitality.

San Roque miraculous, defender of all animals,
Today I come to you to help me in my anguish,
use your power of mediation before God
so that in his mercy he may grant me
what I heartly request for my pet:

(ask what you want to get especially).

San Roque sends your blessings from the Heights
for my beloved pet,
I love her and I do not want to separate from her side,
I promise to take care of him and love him throughout his life,
and never separate from ……. let alone abandon it.

I thank you for your help in these difficult moments,
I know you will not stop protecting and taking care of …
and that you will take my requests to the Lord,
that created all the living beings that populate the planet
 and with love and kindness preserves and cares for all his creatures.

So be it. +

Pray three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys and three Glories.

The prayer is for three days in a row,
or nine if the request is very urgent and difficult.

Light two violet (or white) candles on the last day,
they are placed to the right and left of an image
or printed print of San Roque.