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Powerful Prayers

Powerful prayers for sick neighbors

My pastor Jesus, I adore you and I admire you,
I love you with all my heart
and I thank you for your kind offering you have made for us on the cross,
I come before you even aware of you are always with me
you, who observe everything, you know everything and never abandon us.
You who grant us abundant life
that you are the doctor par excellence of the sick,
you who are the good shepherd of sheep and take care of your cattle
I implore you to come down from heaven and give your blessing and protection
to this loved one who is suffering from his illness with great pain,
bring it closer to your infinite love, to your clemency and kindness,
today, I request the happiness of health for our brother … (name of the person).
Sweet Jesus, what did you say:
“I am the resurrection and the life”
that you receive and load on your back with our diseases,
that you cured every illness and every ailment of all those who came to you;
Today I am the one who comes to you, with all my faith and full of security,
to beg for the healing of …
with your divine and blessed heart.
Holy Jesus, for your immense authority,
and by the intervention of your holy mother,
the Lady of the Angels, the Virgin Mary,
what is the hope of the sick and consolation of the needy,
I ask you to heal and pay attention to the illness of your servant …
if so written, so that it may be good for my soul and its spiritual rest.
My Lord, who the sheriff who came to you saying:
“Come, Lord, before my son dies,”
and you answered “Go in peace, your son lives”,
I implore you with my whole being: Jesus heals with your power …
My merciful Lord, who to the blind man of Jericho,
that waiting for you on the road cried out to you:
“Jesus, son of King David, have mercy on me”,
You said: “Retrieve your sight, your faith has saved you”
and in the instant he could see,
I implore you with my whole being: Jesus, bring health back to …
My Lord, who the leper who asked you begging you:
“Sir, if you want, you can wash me”
and you answered: “I want, be clean”
I implore you with my whole being: Jesus, do not make him feel more pain, heal …
My Lord, you unleashed the mute possessed by a demon,
and then, he could speak with all his strength to the crowd.
I implore you to stretch your holy hand and cures to …
My Lord, that you healed the sick
who suffered the same disease 38 years ago,
You told him next to the sheep pool:
“Up, take your stretcher and walk” and walked,
I beg of you: sing it, Lord Jesus.
My Lord, that in front of the dead son
of the widow of Naim, with all kindness and mercy
You said to the mother: “Do not cry”;
and touching the coffin, you said:
“Get up, I tell you, young man”
returning alive to his mother,
Lord I implore you, do your miracle and renew the health of …
My Lord, what did you say:
“Blessed are those who mourn,
because they will be comforted by my being “
Give him comfort and peace that relieves his pain …
My Lord, what did you say:
“Truly, truly I tell you,
that everything that is asked of our father, in my name, will be granted “,
have mercy on your servant … and heal his body and soul,
fill it with blessings and do not forsake it,
I come before you with all humility and full in faith
to be your strength in the fight against your disease,
throw aside all pain and suffering that takes over your body
and thus the lost health that he so much requires is returned.
Omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient God,
eternal health to those who believe in you,
hear those who ask you sick, to bathe in good,
for whom we pray for the salvation of your mercy;
in order that restored your health, in your Church
be grateful with much joy and love.
For our Lord Jesus Christ.
So be it.
Pray the Creed, Hail Mary, Glory and Our Father.
Repeat said prayers and this prayer for 3 consecutive days.

Powerful prayers for sick neighbors
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Powerful prayers for sick neighbors
My pastor Jesus, I adore you and I admire you, I love you with all my heart and I thank you for your kind offering you have made
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Powerful prayers for sick neighbors
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