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Powerful Prayers


O most merciful Father, Father of goodness,

oh powerful God whose mercy has no limits!

You who are fair, faithful, affable and forgiving

and You receive me every time I go to You in my needs,

I humbly ask you to flood my home with your Divine Light

and all darkness and shadow of evil dissipate,

may your infinite charity lead us along paths of love and peace

and your power free us from all the evils of the soul and body.

Eternal Father, Almighty Lord,

Thank you for being who you are,

thank you for being my Heavenly Father and my God!

Lord I ask you to protect my home from any calamity

and keep us from everything that could harm us.

I place my total trust in You,

we stand under your mighty shadow

and I beg you to preserve us day and night

with your support and attention to live safe and calm.

Cover us continually with the Precious Blood of your Son,
Jesus, our Redeemer and Savior,

cleanses and purifies our bodies and our lives,

our words, actions and thoughts.

In the name of Jesus, my brother and Redeemer,

I beg all the enemy’s strength to be defeated

and we are preserved from all violence, theft, accident,

from every threat, catastrophe, misfortune and danger.

Lord of Heavens and Earth I ask you for the angelic covering

around this home, this family,

may your blessed angels guide our steps

and help us to be better and reach our goals.

Never leave us alone or allow us to suffer
and give us relief in our troubles and difficulties;

deliver us from injustices, defamations, hatreds and lies,

separate us from pain, sickness and sudden death,
and from people who only mean to hurt us.

Bring good things to this home and drive away bad things,
always give us your understanding and love
and surround us with health, work, prosperity, joy and happiness.

Today I especially want to ask you to help us in this problem
which is the cause of our worry and suffering:

(state the problem and what you want to obtain).

Thank you, Holy Father, for attending to our requests.

Well, you always send us your help in the event of any storm

and you receive us in your arms and guard and protect with love,

thank you because every day you watch over my family and me

Well, You watch over those who confidently come to You.

Thank you because I know that we will live in peace

and defended all our lives

under the shelter of your mighty protection.

Amen and Amen, Glory to God.

Descend upon this home, this family

God’s blessing and protection,

of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit

and always stay with us.

So be it +

Pray three Our Fathers and three Glories.
Repeat the prayer and prayers for three days in a row.


Do not abandon us Lord, we need you, we, in this home and from the depths of our hearts, we beg you to remove fear, doubt, pain, despair, fear of the unknown, we feel bad, but with all We place our trust in your merciful hands and we want to take refuge in that immense love that there is from You for us, we ask you for faith not to lose heart, hope in fear, charity and detachment towards others and bring tranquility, prosperity, health and peace to our family.

We are your children, take us by the hands and as if we were children do not let go of us, you know that we need you today and always; Receive us as the good Father that you are, protect us with your powerful arms, help us to cross this sea of ​​trials and vicissitudes in which we find ourselves.

O Lord our God, give us strength to resist the onslaught of life, increase our resistance so that we do not abandon despite difficulties and, above all, give us your holy and miraculous help, please grant us the remedy we seek to solve our problems and send us your inspiration so that we know how to get out of everything that ails us.

Oh understanding Father, may it be your will, may your designs be fulfilled, but do not let us sink, Lord, have mercy and mercy and may that holy help that you send us so often may not be lacking in these difficult times. So be it.