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Powerful Prayers

Powerful prayer to St. Cyprian to recover a loved one

By the powers of St. Cyprian and the three souls who watch St. Cyprian will now come behind me, he will come crawling and in love full of love, of desire to return and ask forgiveness for lying and to ask me in courtship and later in Wedding as fast as possible.
St. Cyprian will have that power that he forgets and once and for all leave any woman who can be in his head and return to assume and declare for all to see.
San Cipriano away from ___ any woman, that he seeks me at all times today and now, wishing to be by my side, that he has the certainty that I am the perfect woman for him, that___ can not live without me and that ___ always have my Image in your thinking at all times.
Now where he is with whom he is, he will seek me because the thought of him is in me.
And at bedtime he dreams of me and when he wakes up he thinks of me and wants me, when he thinks about me, when he thinks about me, he thinks of me at all times in his life.
That he wants to see me, to feel my smell, to touch me with love, that he wants to embrace me, to kiss me, to take care of me, to protect me, to love me 24 hours a day of all his days doing thus, that he loves me more and feels pleasure only by hearing my voice.
St. Cyprian makes __ feel for me an unnatural desire, as he has never felt for another person and will never feel. That there is pleasure only with me, that I desire only for myself and that his body alone belongs to me, that I only have peace if it is right with me.
I thank you, San Cipriano, for working on my behalf and I am going to divulge your name in payment to amasar a__ and bring him in love, affectionate, devoted, devoted, faithful and full of desire to my arms.
Pray 3 days and report on 3 different sites