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Powerful Prayers

Powerful prayer to sleep in peace

prayer to sleep in peace
Powerful prayer to sleep in peace

Dear God, I know that you want me to live in complete peace,

I know that you wish that even from my hours of rest I can enjoy,

I know that your greatest desire is that I can be happy everywhere

And that at all times of my life you will protect me,

For this reason I ask you to release me from all evil during this night;

Do not let the enemy against me, in my dreams I can work.

Help me to have dreams according to your perfect will

And to rest thanks to God enough for tomorrow to serve you even more.

Lord, I ask you to help me sleep peacefully,

Removes all the stress and tiredness that could cause me yesterday,

Do not let concern for the day to day take away your peace

Much less that this concern does not allow me to rest in peace.

Lord, I beg you to take away any kind of nightmare from me.

Do not let the enemy infuse me with fear neither night nor day.

Do not let the enemy steal my joy by putting a nightmare on me.

And help me to trust you no matter what the enemy tells me.

Today I ask you to give me some wonderful dreams,

Help me to dream with the sky, with something very beautiful

Show me through my dreams things I do not yet know;

Let me see the wonderful will that you have with us.

I ask you to save my life until the moment you wake up.

Keep my body functioning at night perfectly

That all my organs work until the moment that I wake up

And let it be while on this earth, all my days and always

Before bed, I want to thank you for this beautiful day;

Thank you for all that I could experience and learn on this day,

Thanks for protecting me like you do every day

And I thank you also for loving me and taking care of me every day.

Thank God and Amen.