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Powerful Prayers

prayer to Jesus for the healing of a sick person

prayer to Jesus for the healing of a sick person
Powerful prayer to Jesus for the healing of a sick person

My good Jesus, I praise and adore you,
I love you with all my heart
And I thank your surrender for us in the Cross,
I come before You knowing that you are always by our side
That you see everything, everything you know and never abandon.

You who give life in abundance
And you are a true doctor and health giver,
You who are the Good Shepherd and take care of your flock
I beg you to come down and grant your protection and protection
To this loved one who suffers so much for his illness,
I appeal to your infinite Love, to your goodness and mercy,
And request the grace of health to ……. (Name of the patient).

Sweet Jesus, who said:

“I am the Resurrection and the Life,”
That receiving and carrying in you our illnesses,
You healed the ailments and evils of those who approached you;
I come to You full of hope, full of security,
To implore your Sacred and Divine Heart
Healing of

Blessed Jesus, by your immense power,
And through the intercession of your Blessed Mother,
The blessed Virgin Mary always,
Which is the health of the sick and the consolation of the afflicted,
I request that you relieve and attend to the present illness
To your servant-a ……,
If it is convenient for his spiritual good and that of my soul.

Lord Jesus, than to the royal official who told you,
“Come, Lord, before my son dies,”
You answered: “Go, your son lives”,
I ask you with all my being: Lord heal with your power to …….

Lord Jesus, compassionate, that to the blind man of Jericho,
Who sat by the road and said with a loud voice:
“Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me,”
You answered: “Recover your sight, your faith has saved you”,
And at once he could see,
I ask you with all my faith: Lord, return health to …….

Lord Jesus, who said, “I will, be thou clean”
Thou hast cleansed the leper that said unto thee,
“Sir, if you want, you can wash me”
I ask you Lord, do not let me suffer, heal a …….

Lord Jesus, that you gave to the mute possessed of the devil,
And then the one who was dumb before spoke eloquently to the mobs,
I beg you to extend your miraculous hand and heal to …….

Lord Jesus, that you healed the sick
Who had been thirty-eight years of his illness,
Next to the pool of the sheep, saying:
“Arise, take up your bed and walk” and walked,
I beg you to heal it, my Lord.

Lord Jesus, all goodness and mercy
That before the dead son of the widow of Nain,
You said to the mother, “Do not cry”;
And touching the coffin, you added:
“Young man, I say to you, rise up”
Delivering it to his mother,
Lord, I beg you, do a miracle and restore your health to …….

Lord Jesus, who said:
“Blessed are those who weep
For they shall be comforted. ”
Give him the comfort and relief he needs in his pain to …….

Lord Jesus, who said:
“Verily, verily, I say unto you,
That whatever you asked the Father, in my Name, he will give you, ”
Have mercy on your servant … And heals his body,
Fill it with blessings and do not abandon it,
I appeal to You with all humility and full of confidence
To help you overcome your illness,
Remove all suffering and pain from your body
And give back the lost health you need so badly.

Omnipotent and everlasting God,
Eternal salvation of those who believe,
Listen to us for the sake of your sick servants,
For whom we implore the help of your Mercy;
In order that they may recover their health, may they give you in your Church
Fervent thanksgiving.

Through Christ our Lord.

So be it.

Pray the Creed, Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory.
Repeat the prayer and the prayers three days in a row.