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Powerful Prayers

Powerful Prayer of Thanksgiving


Thank you, Lord, thank you, Lord,
For peace, joy and for the union that men,
My brothers, have given me,
By those eyes that looked at me with tenderness and understanding,
For that timely hand that lifted me up.
Thank you, Lord, for those lips whose words and smiles encouraged me,
For those ears that heard me, for that heart of friendship,
Love and love they gave me. Thank you, Lord, for the success that stimulated me,
For the health that sustained me, for the comfort and fun that I rested.
Thank you, Lord … I find it difficult to tell you,
By disease, by failure, by disappointment,
By insult and deceit, injustice and loneliness by the death of the loved one.
You know, Lord how difficult it was to accept it; Perhaps I was on the verge of despair,
But now I realize that all this draws me closer to You.
You know what you did!
Thank you, Lord, especially for the faith you have given me in You and in men;
For that faith that staggered, but that You never stopped strengthening,
When so often stooped under the weight of discouragement,
Made me walk on the path of truth, despite the darkness.
Thank you, Lord, for the forgiveness that I should have asked you so many times,
But that through neglect and pride I have kept silent. Thank you, Lord, for forgiving my omissions,
Carelessness and forgetfulness, my pride and vanity, my need and whims,
My silence and my excessive loquacity.
Thank you, Lord, for dispensing prejudice to my brothers,
My lack of joy and enthusiasm, my lack of faith and trust in You,
My cowardice and my fear in my commitment.
Thank you, Lord, for you have forgiven me and I have not been able to forgive with the same generosity.
Thank you, Lord, for pardoning my hypocrisy and duplicity,
By that appearance that with such care I take care,
But that I know deep down is no more than deceiving myself.