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Powerful Prayers



Prayer to the Virgin of Pompeii

Father God: Clement and loving God, I beg you
May you bless my family and me with abundance. I know that you
you recognize that my family is more than just a mother and a father,
sister and brother, husband and wife, but all those who believe and trust in You. I send you a prayer of request for financial blessing not only for the person who sends me this, but for me
and for all of us who have sent this message. And that power of united prayer of those who believe and trust
in You, it is more powerful than
anything. I thank you in advance for your blessings. Father

Mother God frees from debt and burdens the person who reads this
now. Release your Divine Wisdom so that I can be a good
administrator about everything you have called me that is in my
financial blessings, because I know how wonderful and powerful that
you are and how, if we only walk in Your word and we have the faith of
mustard seed, that You will pour out blessings. I give you the
thank you Lord for the recent prayers I received and for the
blessings that remain to come, because I know you have not done them with me yet.


Take sixty seconds and send it quickly, and within the
of hours
you will have caused a crowd of people to pray to God for the
good of each and every one. Then relax and watch how the
God’s power in your life to do what you know He loves.
Love your neighbor as yourself