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Powerful Prayers

powerful prayer for healing (San Raphael )

prayers for healing
prayers for healing
Mr. San Raphael mine, to you I arrive with joy and happy to remedy this need of mine before 21 days, so that you accompany me and guide as you accompanied and guided the young Tobias. (One Our Father and one Ave Maria are prayed the first day, two the second, and so on, increasing one every day).

0h, fidelisimo companion and custodio mio!, Destined by Divine Providence for my guardian protective guardian and defender of mine, that you never leave my side, and thanks I will give you for fidelity and love that you profess to me and for the many benefits that at every moment I am reciting of you;

you hang over me, when I’m sleeping, when I’m sad you comfort me, when I’m faint you encourage me, you take away from me the present dangers and teach me to guard the futures, you deviate from the bad guys and inclines me to the good ones, you reconciled me with God and for a long time I would have been burning in hell if with your prayers and groans I had not stopped the wrath of the Lord, supplying me do not forsake me in the adverse things, modérame in the prosperities, free me from the dangers and help me in the temptations to never let me win and God’s obedience to my prayers and all my good works, getting my soul to be transfered from this life in the grace of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Joaquin and Ana. (A Salve Our Lady is praised of the Mercedes and a Our Father and Ave Maria to the Animas).