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Powerful Prayers



Each day the ACT OF CONTRITION and the INITIAL PRAYER are made first (with the prayers indicated and the petition), then the PRAYER OF THE CORRESPONDING DAY and finally the FINAL PRAYER is said.


My Lord Jesus Christ, I sincerely regret having offended You because You who are infinitely good and worthy of being loved above all else do not deserve it, and above all because You hate sin; For this reason, and with repentance, I take the firm resolution, with the help of your grace, which I know you will grant me, not to commit again any mortal sin or even consented venial sin; I will also do my best to conform all my actions and desires to your most holy will and to follow your teachings.

Jesus I intend to confess all my faults and to redress your divine justice through the fulfillment of a healthy penance that I will fulfill. Do oh my God and my Lord! May I not fail you again and, I am convinced that with your help and my good will I will not fall again. So be it.


O divine Word, sovereign Lord and King of kings! O worthy descendant of Jesse, of the tribe of David and dominating scepter of the people of Israel!

OH Emmanuel and supreme legislator, most sweet Infant Jesus of Prague, always compassionate towards souls, who, in order to redeem and save them, have wanted to descend from the womb of your Eternal Father into the womb of Mary, a most pure Virgin that you gave us as a Protecting Mother! to men!

At your most sacred feet I throw myself with affection, divine and most beautiful Child, and I adore you with the deepest feeling, with faithful dedication and with that faith with which the shepherds and magicians in Bethlehem did before: instill in my soul the dispositions of faith, love, gratitude and charity with which I must practice this devout Novena, consecrated to your honor and glory, and please deign to grant me, through the powerful intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, your Mother, and of the kind Patriarch Saint Joseph, your nurturing father, may my soul be purified of all its sins and consolidated more and more in your divine service.

I wish that you also grant me, most lovable Child, the particular favor that I request in this novena and that I implore from your very generous Heart.

My good Child, I ask this for this sacred and miraculous image of yours, in which you are so pleased as shown by the innumerable miracles and continuous benefits of all kinds, which you pour so abundantly through it, on the faithful all of the whole world where it is honored and revered. Amen.

Pray three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys and three Glories and then, with humility and complete confidence, expose the favor that is requested in this Novena.


Oh my good and sweet Jesus, you who are our joy, inflame our hearts with your Holy Love, send us your blessing today and always and listen with pleasure to our prayers; I know that my problems are light for You, because You can do everything, so I ask You to be kind to me and help me solve my serious problems.

You, my blessed provider, do not deny me your help in these moments of anguish and despair. You who always help efficiently and immediately do not leave me in oblivion, do not ignore, my blessed Infante, my pleas, but attend them and dismiss them favorably.

Holy Child, by the merits of your Divine Childhood, make it possible for me to receive what I have requested with so much faith, I also ask that your Blessed Mother be my mediator, my advocate and protector.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening to me and being aware of my sorrows.

So be it.


Candorous and loving Infant Jesus of Prague, Son of the Heavenly Father, who in order to free our souls from the slavery of sin you wanted to come into the world, suffer and satisfy divine Justice for us, and thus make you our example: grant me the grace to correspond to so great mercy, you who are the hope of penitents, free me from the seduction of the senses, from everything that separates me from the good and make me see and recognize in you the object of my life to deserve to possess you and enjoy you, when the moment, in The Celestial Homeland, together with Mary, the Angels and the Saints. Amen.


Sweet Infant Jesus of Prague, our God and Savior, who wanted to be born in a humble manger and suffer the rigors of winter, who from the first moments of your life knew what poverty and suffering are: separate me from the goods and joys of the earth, free me from the love of the worldly and make me know how to follow you in all the sufferings and humiliations of life, to deserve to participate one day in your eternal glory. Amen.


Most powerful Infant Jesus of Prague, Son of the heavenly Father, who came into the world to fulfill the eternal designs of saving mankind and gave your glory in doing the will of the One who sent you out of Love: may I also fulfill your designs about me, and that I conform to your divine will, looking to all my salvation and that of my neighbors. Amen.


Most Merciful Infant Jesus of Prague, my Creator and Redeemer, who, having made yourself visible to men and conversed with them, brought them together to form a society that is one with you, just as you are one with the heavenly Father: do not allow that make me unworthy of belonging to this society of which you are the head and founder, and of being a member of your mystical body, the Holy Church, our good Mother. Amen.


Most Pious Infant Jesus of Prague, divine Savior of men, who came to earth for the redemption of all men, and entrusted to your Church the way to lead them to participate in universal redemption: do, Lord, that those who do not You have the happiness of belonging to the Holy Church, turn to this your beloved Spouse to achieve your salvation, and that those who belong to her, but unfortunately are lacking in the life of grace, draw from the sources of mercy, which you always have open , the inestimable benefit of eternal salvation. Amen.


Kind Child Jesus of Prague, radiance of the Father and living portrait of his substance, who descended from heaven to earth to serve men and teach us the way, the truth and the life: restore in us the divine image, darkened and disfigured by sin, and guides all our steps so that we recognize in You the only object of our life on earth and of our hope in heaven. Amen.


Most Benign Infant Jesus of Prague, Prince of Peace, who at the moment of Your arrival to the world and the Angels announced peace to men of good will: reconcile sinners with the Divine, give peace to their conscience, light to his understanding, fire of charity to his heart, so that your glorious Birth may work in all men the effects that the angelic announcement produced in the shepherds who adored you in the portal of Bethlehem. Amen.


Most lovable Infant Jesus of Prague, divine Spouse of our souls, who after having come to save men, you will come again to judge us, manifesting the splendors of your eternal generation of the Father, which you concealed to make yourself accessible to men, and you will make shine all your glory to the confusion of those who have abused your favors: help me to follow your inspirations now, my Redeemer, and to see you that day as a benign and peaceful Judge. Amen.


Most loving Infant Jesus of Prague, Son of God from eternity, and Son of Mary in time, who, by incarnating yourself in her most pure womb, received from her the most admirable and respectful welcome that any creature can ever make you: grant me that I too welcome you with the firmness and charity that you found in the Blessed Virgin. Oh my Savior! Just as you were really born by Mary to bodily life, be born, I beg you now, spiritually in my soul and fill it with your grace so that it always corresponds to all the affection and dedication that you have shown me. Amen.