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Powerful Prayers


God the Eternal Father, God of love full of infinite mercy,
I beg you with all my heart and with great humility
forgive the poor souls that roam purgatory,
I ask you to have mercy on the souls that are captive,
and that, through your great compassion and kindness
make it possible for them to obtain their early release,
that they can stop suffering and as soon as possible enjoy Heaven.

You who are the comforter of the afflicted

welcome under your protection the souls that are in Purgatory,

hear in your compassionate Heart their sad laments and sufferings

and by the power that your Son Jesus gave you

intercede with God so that their chains may be broken

and thus they can be freed from the anguish that they suffer there.

Dear Souls who wander in Purgatory

and you go through pain and suffering,

I have confidence in your power

to bring my sincere supplications before the throne of God,

for I know that you are effectively listened to by Him;

Holy souls, purgative souls, pray to God for us,

that we will beg for you

so that the Most High, in his infinite mercy,

grant you the glory of Paradise.

Oh blessed wise and understanding souls,

present our petitions to God,

you who do not forsake the downcast hearts,

nor to those who despair and are distressed by their problems,

help me out of so much adversity

and to calm the pain I feel for not having peace and happiness.

For the love of God I beg you to listen to me,

pray for my needs and grant me this grace,

that I will beg for you to ascend to Heaven as soon as possible

and be very close to God, the Virgin and the Heavenly Court.

(ask confidently what you want to achieve)

With the help of the Eternal Father and your prayers,

we will be victorious in our difficulties and problems,

and we will reach the Divine Mercy

the comfort, relief and remedy we so long for

for our grave adversities and needs.

Do not forget, blessed souls of Purgatory,

of those who call upon you with faith and hope,

I promise to pray this prayer for nine days

and then keep you in mind and thank you for your favors

lighting candles to give you light,

and above all, I will continue to ask for you

so that you find the way to the peace of heaven

and achieve rest with the loving and kind God.

I place my trust in your hands

for I know that you will ask for my desperate needs,

and although it is very difficult, almost impossible,

I know that with perseverance and faith and your prayers

I can do it in a short time.

Blessed be my Souls in Purgatory,

I thank you from the heart for being there when I need you

and I hope that you will soon reach your final happy destination.

O Sovereign God, Creator of all things,

turn your eyes of mercy towards the souls in Purgatory

and send your Angels to get them out of there,

forgive their faults and give them your protection

so that they are not deprived of your Divine Presence;

May your infinite and great mercy lead them to rest,

so that in perpetual peace the eternal Glory may shine upon them,

and give us grace, favor us with your sovereign aid,

so that keeping the Holy Commandments

let us not suffer the pain of helplessness and lack of comfort.

Oh Blessed Virgin Mary, understanding and accommodating,

to You Divine Mother we come to ask You to be an intercessor

before the Most Just Court of God

and there ask Your Son Jesus for relief and consolation

of the poor souls in Purgatory,

so that they may be freed from their sorrows, torments and afflictions

and take them to the eternal rests of his glory.

Pray also for us,

to be benevolent with us

and grant us the particular favor

that with all hope we have asked in this prayer.

Lord deliver us from sin and do not lead us into temptation,

so that not falling into the precipice of guilt

we will free ourselves from such torments

and we praise and glorify you in the Heavenly Homeland.

So be it, so be it come true what I ask. +

Pray now, with great devotion and recollection,

three Our Fathers, a Hail Mary and a Gloria.

Prayer and prayers are held for nine days in a row.

To give light it is advisable to light a white or red candle on the last day, or the days that are desired or considered necessary, and it should not be turned off until it is completely consumed.