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Powerful Prayers

Miraculous prayers for the most impossible requests

Miraculous prayers for the most impossible requests

Miraculous prayers for the most impossible requests

The miraculous prayers are the prayers to ask for those most difficult situations. For those moments of our life when our forces falter, in which we think things could not improve. But if we put all our faith in God, it will help us.

These miraculous prayers, we must offer them directly to God, or to some of the saints. Thus they will intercede for us, since they are next to the Lord. They will also give us the faith we need for God to assist us, strengthen us and allow us to continue fighting.

Pray to achieve a miracle
God never leaves us helpless, he always opens a window for us to reach him and open his heart.

On the other hand, one of the most reliable ways to reach the Lord and transmit our praises and prayers is prayer. For by using the sweet and benevolent words of prayers, we can create a bridge that takes our requests to heaven.

For those times when you pray to find the answer to a problem, a miraculous prayer is your solution.

We tell you a miraculous prayer, with which your prayers will reach God, Christ and the Holy Spirit. In this way, each of the figures that make up the triad of the Christian religion help you to have full peace.

A beautiful miraculous prayer
There are prayers that are full of faith and praise, if you want to say a miraculous prayer that reaches heaven and serves as a transport for your desires, you must say:

O Holy Spirit, Love of the Father, and of the Son,
Always inspire me what I should think, what I should say. How should I say it, what should I shut up, how should I act, what should I do.

To the glory of God, good of souls and my own Sanctification.
Holy Spirit, Give me sharpness to understand, ability to retain, method and ability to learn, subtlety to interpret, grace and efficiency to speak.
Give me success in starting direction as progress and perfection in finishing.