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Powerful Prayers

Learn how to perform a PRAYER FOR THE BROTHERS in Christ

The prayer for the brothers is made so that God may bless their paths and fill them with peace. It is extremely necessary that as children of God we pray for the blessing and peace of our brothers. You need to ask to collaborate with each of the tests that you pass in your life. God is the only one capable of comforting their sadness, the Creator with his power heals wounds and restores hearts through love and mercy.

prayer for brothers

Prayer for the brothers

I thank you my dear Creator for giving me the brothers you gave me at birth, with their special qualities. God you give us brothers with different elements and you bring him with his qualities that allow them to fulfill each of his purposes. Let my brothers have a beautiful life on earth, full of great goodness.

I beg you, my dear Lord, to help me and collaborate in the relationship of brotherhood. Let my words fill our lives with life and blessing. May each action of brotherhood be positive for our hearts. Allow your voice to be of encouragement and edification for our lives.

I ask your forgiveness on behalf of my brothers and me. My dear God allow us to be eternally united as your children. I ask your forgiveness for each of our mistakes in words, attitudes and deeds that cause a bad relationship between brothers and sisters and in turn with you my Lord.

I implore you to renew our bonds of brotherly love. May you be our refuge, my Lord, allow our brotherly love to give us the opportunity to help each other. (Be sure to learn more about the faith in God)

In advance I thank you again my Lord for your pleasant and good word that we meet in harmony and send blessings to our lives as a family, full of spiritual fulfillment.

God that we always have your word engraved in our minds and in our souls, allow your essence to be sealed in our hearts amen.

Sentence 2

Heavenly Father, you who are good and kind, I thank you for the gift of my brothers. They are a sign of affection for my life, allow me to love them in the same way that you love them. (See Article New Testament)

My savior Jesus Christ, you who are my older brother, I ask you to pray to our Father for his welfare. May we stick together as brothers full of goodness and harmony of God.

My dear Creator, you who are glorious and all powerful, do not allow the treasure of faith to be lost. Do not allow the claws of hatred to enter our lives. Let indifference and selfishness leave our family.

Collaborate with us and allow us to build a good brotherhood that anticipates each element that is found on earth and collaborates with the perfection that leads us to achieve eternal life, in your kingdom in heaven.

Mary, you who are our mother, keep your children always together as good brothers. So be it my Lord. May God allow our life to be full of love and your mercy, amen.

prayer for brothers

Sentence 3

My dear Father, you together with your son and the Holy Spirit, allow us as brothers to reach the kingdom of the Lord. I pray that your presence is within our hearts.

I come as your humble son to ask that our family be united and that any difficulties be overcome in the name of the Lord. I want together with my brothers to enjoy every minute of your presence.

I do not need anything to know that you love me and in turn to be aware that your grace and mercy will be part of our life as brothers. I wish to fulfill your will my dear Father, because in every moment of my life I wish to be with you.

That is why I ask you my Lord to tell me what you want from us and in turn guide us to the path that you have stipulated for us. Let your signals be heard through the beating of our hearts, amen. (See: The Bible and marriage )

What should we do?

We must pray in the name of our Heavenly Father, giving thanks that from heaven he will be for us and our brothers. Thanks to his mercy we have to be confident that when we repent of our sins God allows us to be part of his Kingdom. We have to let ourselves be carried away by his will on earth, from heaven.

prayer for brothers

It is necessary, on the other hand, that we forgive our debts and in this way we forgive our debtors. In addition to this, we must request that we do not fall into temptation, freeing ourselves from evil.

On the other hand, it is positive that we fast, without putting on a sad face, like the hypocrites who are capable of disfiguring their face so that it is observed and known that they are fasting. When you fast then you must be presentable to God.

It is important on the other hand that we accumulate treasures as brothers who reach the kingdom of God and give us as a reward the goodness of heaven. The treasure of God’s love will be found in the hearts of his children.

On the other hand, you must ask God that the body of his children be illuminated by the mercy of the Lord. Trust the Lord as brothers allowing him to guide his children to a path out of darkness, close to his merciful kingdom.

Jesus and his brothers

In the times when Jesus was on earth, he indicated to his brothers how they should pray and adhere to the beliefs of our Father in order to be heard as brothers.

prayer for brothers

In addition to this, I make it clear that our dear Heavenly Father is aware of what we lack as a family, long before being asked, but despite them according to the teachings of Jesus, we must still pray.

It is our Father who from his kingdom in heaven satisfies our needs as brothers, as long as we comply with the will that is stipulated for us. (See: The Bible)

He forgives our offenses and allows us as a family not to fall into the temptation that leads us to the path of evil and family disunity. That is why as brothers and sisters we must forgive their faults and ours, just as Heavenly Father does.

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