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Powerful Prayers

How To Get Money Fast

THE’magic money can he make you rich?

Are there really ways to get money with black magic?

Does this magically acquired money help to have luxury things and to obtain other benefits?

These are the questions we will answer in this article.

First of all, we must define what we call “magic money.

How to get rich or have a large sum of money quickly?

This is the burning question on everyone’s mind.

People are in dire need of money.

Cash, like many other things on the planet, has two polarities.

Besides its negative polarity, destruction is another function. This money is used to buy conscience, corruption, prostitution, war financing, and terrorist financing, among others.

The positive polarity of the agent gives him the capacity to do good. In this situation, the funds will be used to treat the disease, provide humanitarian relief, provide for food and education, among others …

Money that comes by magic!

What is magic money?

It is any money obtained by the use of black magic through rituals of questionable or not money.

Don’t be surprised!

There are good and bad rituals of magic money!

There are many very dangerous money rituals with implications of human sacrifice.

But, on the other hand, there are others that are harmless and have no known consequences.

Example of a dubious magic silver ritual in action.

This ritual can bring in the order of several billion.

A Quranic verse is written at the bottom of a hole dug at the waist of the person asking for wealth. Then, starting at midnight, the practitioner throws an all-black live dog into it after reciting a dismal incantation. The practitioner then uses a black cloth to cover the opening. And, he waits …

If the operation was successful, the dog will be heard barking and then being silent forever; there the hole should be filled with banknotes of different currencies.

Otherwise, something went wrong and the ritual would have to be restarted!

Another dangerous silver ritual is that of summoning Djinn with red mercury. One drop of red mercury can make you rich in just 45min from now.

The ritual of red mercury

Indeed, the ritual is simple. We empty a room. The summoner prepares the red mercury and recites the name of a Djinn 3000 times. Then, the Djinn appears, merchant, takes the mercury and leaves the money that he considers to be the real value offered to him. He always leaves a lot of money behind.

A mage practicing this kind of magic silver ritual told me that a quality drop of red mercury could bring in between $ 250,000 and more in a single session, depending on the energy generated.

Example of a magical wallet without consequence.

This wallet magically produces agent every day from hour to hour. It makes a mysterious multiplication by 29 of any amount of money put in during its manufacture!

The manufacture is simple, but, will be difficult if you are not a good Muslim believer …

It is a kind of grace that God grants you with this magic bag. It is a ritual of high Islamic magic very effective which works the first time with old men who no longer approach women and who do a lot of night prayer.

And of all those who have high spiritual energy.

The result is final!

Here is how the bag is done.

You make a bag of a certain size with an inherently white fabric. Then, you write on it with rose water and Saffron a magic invocation which is the magic key. It’s just 4 lines. These are not the names of the Djinns.

Then you put 29 silver bills of your choice in it. Then you keep the bag under the prayer mat and the activation part begins. This is the hardest part. You have to make 1000 rakats. For those who are adept at long prayers and quick recitation, it will take 2 hours at most.

After this long prayer, the bag is magnetized. We keep it in a secret place. And we will wait 24 hours to see if we succeeded. To verify this, you will recite the same invocation 100 times and withdraw at most 28 tickets out of the 29 put in the bag.

If everything has been done well according to the rules, wait a few hours and redo the withdrawal. If all is well, you will find every time there are tickets. It is a true ritual, authentic and without any ill effects.

Glory be to Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful.

There is a plethora of safe magic money rituals available.

Money made by demons …

Demonic money is earned by pacts with demons or geniuses. It is a ritual more suitable for women. I say this ritual is easier for women to follow. In general, a demon is a serpent who makes love to a woman and extracts her precious energy in exchange for money.

There is a practice of reciting a particular name for forty days while fasting during this time, after which the verse is read in the hope that a genie will appear and listen to your complaint.

All the rituals I have mentioned are just that: examples. Do not try to put them into practice because the required elements are lacking.

Wallet and magic money.

There is a widespread scam in this area. I see websites where we sell magic wallets. I tested and found that there is some truth to it. Usually, we will just need your date of birth and your birth name to make your wallet.

Why is the magician often not rich himself?

This is the question some are asking. Why can someone claim to have the secret of wealth and be poor?

Well, this is not true in all cases. I know some money wizards who are themselves immensely rich and don’t even sell their secret.

Some of these mages are poor but do the real magic money rituals. This can be explained by the fact that in some covenants with the spirits, the one who holds the power should not use it for himself or for those who are in his charge.

It is a condition that exists in esoteric science. You are given the power to heal but you do not have the right to heal yourself with this power. This is the example of the hermeticist Franz Bardon.

So don’t be surprised to see a poor guy who sets out to make you rich.

The rest are die-hard scammers. Some do not even know how to recite a prayer. Nor do a simple ritual. But, they have a website and offer several services. Warning!

Last word on magic money.

To get money the way you want, you must first know the secrets of money.

You can use magic rituals or do real business. If you opt for black magic, know that the part of time you have to sacrifice something expensive. Or even your own life.

There are also simple money rituals which do not involve sacrifice and are not dangerous.

The best way to get rich is to develop income-generating practices. Create your own business and make powerful prayers to obtain divine blessing.

Want an effective magic money ritual? It is not given!

It is quite expensive! We bought one of these rituals for over € 800 from an oriental occulist.

We have some secrets for the most gifted in Zikr.

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