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Powerful Prayers

How to Defend Yourself Against Spiritual Attacks

The attacks spiritual are the actions of the spirits on your body, satanic arrows launched to disturb the proper functioning of our psychic, emotional or energetic body.

It is a kind ofspiritual influence on our physical, psychic and emotional body. Then, causing a disruption in the functioning of the latter.

How does a spiritual attack take place?

An incubus or succubus spirit intervenes during our sleep. Then, leaves stains on our body, which leads to bad luck, emotional imbalance due to restless sleep, difficulty in keeping a relationship etc.

A wizard can launch mystical attacks from the sun to reach his victim no matter how far away he is. As a result, it creates an imbalance on our emotional body which will result in spiritual illness on your physical body.

Indeed, it’s all about energy. When there is a kickstand on one of our bodies, the physical bodies manifest it in different ways: illness, madness, infertility, failure, stress, depression, accident or death.

Attacks of spiritual origin fall into 2 categories which are as follows:

Psychic attacks while awake and during sleep.

I – Spiritual attacks in a state of awakening

These types of attacks occur when we are awake and going about our various daily occupations. This can be day or night. This is the case with accidents, paralysis, emotional imbalance, death etc.

The spirit or the sorcerer who manipulates the dark energies, launches its attacks at any time of the day with the help of a spirit.

II – Spiritual attacks during sleep

We need a good night’s sleep to renew our energy to finally predispose us to a busy day. Our physical body needs as much sleep as our other systems (emotional and energetic) to recover from a hard day’s work. But, what happens when instead of sleeping peacefully, we have a cloudy sleep?

The cause may be spiritual attacks during sleep. During our sleep, our etheric body goes out and navigates from plane to plane. This is why we dream. Spirits can take advantage of this state to infiltrate and disturb our sleep.

– attacks by incubus and succubus spirits.

These are the spirits who come to have sex with humans while they sleep. What happens in this case is that you feel and see yourself making intercourse as if it were real; and indeed, it is real, but in the other plane.

– Wizarding attacks during sleep.

A wizard once told me how they are able to take advantage of sleep to poison their victim or imprison their etheric body.

A spiritual influence may be the effect of an evil spirit. This is the case of the one who suffocates us and prevents us from screaming or moving. This kind of attack is the most frequent and is the work of an evil spirit.

What does a spiritual attack look like?

An attack can be like an electric current that hits us and paralyzes us. A black magic attack is very virulent. Tut will depend on the type of spell put in place by the wizard, we will feel different things.

How to recognize that there is a mystical attack in fact?

There are consistent signs that can indicate that we are experiencing spiritual attacks while sleeping.

II – Symptoms of spiritual attacks in everyday life.

      • – Paralysis which can be likened to a stroke.
      • – Diseases that have no known medical causes
      • – Accidents
      • – Bad luck
      • – Spiritual blockages
      • – Repetitive failures whatever your efforts
      • – Choking during sleep
      • – Nightmares


Many people ask themselves the question: what if I am spiritually attacked?

There are several methods that can be employed to overcome this condition.

    • Evening prayer and meditationBefore falling asleep, it is essential to protect yourself from the energies of our environment. With the positive emanations provided by prayer or meditation, we can sleep peacefully. It is enough to take a few minutes of your time to get in touch with the spiritual world and show your gratitude through the evening prayer Example of an evening prayer before sleeping for protection

      Lord, my loving shepherd, listen to me. Bless this little lamb tonight. Through the darkness, be near me, Keep me safe until the morning light.

      If you are a Muslim, recite verse 255 of Sura the Cow, and the last 3 suras of the Noble Quran.

    • Harmonization of the chakrasThe more active and balanced your chakras, the more difficult it will be for those who wish to harm you. Learn to harmonize your chakras.
    • Use of sharp objects like a knife which one wraps carefully and keeps for you the pillow or a needle which a woman keeps carefully under her clothes to protect herself from the attacks of the succubus spirits.
    • Use of talismans, pentacles etc. When it comes to talisman, don’t just see this gris-gris that a witch doctor makes, it can be a prayer with the virtue of protection written on a cloth or piece of paper and kept under the pillows or to be worn on oneself.Pentacles are diverse and have many different functions. There are protective pentacles, such as those with the Pentagram or the Star of David.
    • Stones of spiritual protection. Some stones have known protective virtues. Tourmaline, the eye of the tiger or even obedience are stones with the virtue of protection.

III – Prayers against spiritual attacks

Christian prayer

In Ephesians 6.13-18; it describes the spiritual weapons that God places at the disposal of every good Christian to face the force of evil.

Psalm 35: 1-8:

1 Defend my cause, O Lord, with those who fight with me; fight against those who fight against me. 2 Grab the shield and the shield and defend my aid.

3 Draw also the spear and stop the way against those who persecute me: say to my soul, I am your salvation.

4 Let them be ashamed and ashamed that seek my soul: let them be turned and brought to the confusion which invent my suffering.

5 Let them be like spangles before the wind, and may the angel of the Lord pursue them.

6 Let their way be dark and slippery; and may the angel of the Lord persecute them.

7 For without cause they hid their net from me in a pit, which they dug without cause for my soul.

8 Let destruction come to him suddenly; and let his net which he has hidden catch up: in this very destruction let him fall.

Father, I thank you for having answered my prayers.

Every child of God must be ready for battle. Spiritual Attacks are real, only an ignorant believer will believe that the devil is not after his life.

The spiritual attacks are satanic daily arrows targeted at the children of God with the aim of destroying them physically and spiritually. But with techniques, pentacles, prayers, we can take control over the force of evil, win spiritual warfare, and shelter ourselves from harmful spiritual influences.