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Powerful Prayers


Oh my beloved holy Angels,
Beneficial Celestial beings full of Divine light,

blessed most noble and clean spirits

that you pour out the favors of Heaven on men,

you who are all compassion, generosity and kindness

give me your glow, enlighten and guide my steps

fill my spirit with courage, clear my mind,

Grant me wisdom and guide me in everything I do,

open my ways to everything favorable

so that my life is happy and full of good opportunities.

Angels of Glory who are close to the Creator

and enjoy his splendorous presence,

allow me to praise and exalt you with all my being

because you comfort me, with you everything is easier,

and under your sweet, attentive and loving custody

I receive the protection, defense and protection that is necessary for me.

I ……. I know that I can summon you at any time

since you are always flying around me taking care of me,

looking for the best for me, assisting me in my problems

and helping me to overcome my anguish, lack and pain,

That is why today I present myself before you with all humility,

and I place all my trust, my faith and hope,

in the power of mediation that you have before Our Father,

and before the most glorious Virgin Mary,

to ask you good fortune,

success, prosperity and abundance

manifests itself in my life, in my work (or business);

to ask you that love triumph in my sentimental life

and my heart always receives pure, good and true love

and do not suffer from absences, infidelities or heartbreak.

I come to you with humility and security

to ask you to find me strong and healthy,

that my body is healthy, without diseases or pain,

and protected against any accident or danger;

in short, to ask you to fill me with peace, tranquility and harmony

and may joy and happiness be installed in my home,

in my work and in the people I love.

I especially request your miraculous and powerful help

in these moments and I beg you to make it possible

may my most cherished wishes come true,

especially these that I fervently request:

(make the 3 requests here with great faith

and with the certainty that you always get

angelic assistance however difficult the demands may be).

Glorious spirits chosen by God

my holy and great brothers,

today and always I ……. I look forward to you;

make, I beg you, make my dreams possible,

grant me that in a short time I will obtain from the Most High,

who is infinitely good, generous, holy and just,

and of your Queen and Lady, the most loving Holy Mother Mary,

what for me is so difficult to achieve without your help;

I ……. I know that I will once again receive your blessings

and you will bring me from Heaven the favors that I request;

I also want to ask you to help me recognize God,

to adore him, glorify him, love him and serve him,

to be faithful and good son of the Blessed Virgin Mary,

and to be kind and benign to others,

so that one day we can meet in Eternal happiness.

My angels, virtuous and pure spirits

make the Sun of God’s Love shine on me

and defend me from Satanic darts,

to become the way God wants me.

So be it. +

Pray three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys and three Glories.

The prayer is done for three consecutive days. Every day, with full confidence, go to the Blessed Angels and request that they be your intercessors before the Eternal Father and the protective Virgin Mary, ask them for the same wishes and do not stop having hope that soon you will see them fulfilled and your life will be more happy. .

If you wish, you can light a light blue or white candle. Do not turn it off until it is completely consumed.