Healing prayer

Prayer of healing to cure diseases and health problems   Father Almighty God, source of health and comfort, you said “I am the one who gives you health”. We come to you at this moment when we experience the fragility of our bodies through illness. Have mercy Lord of those who are without strength, return […]

Prayer for luck saint judas

Prayer for luck saint judas     Saint Jude Thaddeus, glorious martyr, great and powerful Pray for my patron saint and help of mine Now that I’m alone, Desperate, dejected and without help, Assist me with your meritorious intercession, Accept me under your powerful protection And give me comfort in my tribulations. I implore you […]

«The Lord’s Prayer»

The Lord’s Prayer   Jesus left a prayer as a teaching to his disciples, of how they should pray. Each part of this prayer of the Lord directs us in depth to a sincere and promising relationship with the heavenly Father, loving, just, and whose grace sustains us. The Lord’s Prayer will be a clear […]

The song of the creatures of San Francisco de Asís

The song of the creatures of San Francisco de Asís Almighty and omnipotent good Lord, praises are yours, glory and honor and every blessing. To you alone, Most High, you agree and no man is worthy to name you. Praised be you, my Lord, in all your creatures, especially in the Lord sun brother, for […]

Consecration to San Judas Tadeo

Consecration to San Judas Tadeo Saint Jude, Apostle of Christ and glorious Martyr, I wish to honor you with special devotion. I welcome you as my patron and protector. I entrust you my soul and my body, all my spiritual and temporal interests and also those of my family. I consecrate my mind so that […]

Who are you, Lord? (Prayer of San Francisco Solano)

Who are you, Lord? (Prayer of San Francisco Solano) The mantle of stars looks heaven in the quiet and serene night; when everyone is resting and sleeping, Fray Francisco Absorto is sailing. And his eyes, to the sky high, they are a prayer of love and of surrender, and his voice, a whisper of prayers, […]

Prayer to the Holy Spirit asking to Attract Prosperity

Holy Spirit of God You are the one who gives me the wisdom I have illuminated my path. (Repeat 3 times) you refresh my mind and my heart with your purifying water. (Repeat 3 times) I follow you and with your direction I find peace within me. (Repeat 3 times) I receive everything from you, […]

Prayer of St. Jude Thaddeus to get Urgent Money

San Judas Tadeo, Apostle of Christ and glorious Martyr, Great intercessor in every difficult problem, Today I turn to you with great faith To ask for your generous assistance For I am afflicted and tormented By the lack of economic means.  You who are my dear Saint, My blessed patron and noble protector Welcomes my […]