Prayer to the powerful San Antonio to recover an impossible love

  Oh glorious and powerful Saint Anthony To whom God has chosen as our intercessor In the hardships and losses of material life, Today I want to ask you to lend me your help. To solve a big problem Which afflicts me and breaks my heart. Oh, blessed and miraculous Saint Anthony, Saint protector and […]

Powerful prayer to St. Cyprian to recover a loved one

  By the powers of St. Cyprian and the three souls who watch St. Cyprian will now come behind me, he will come crawling and in love full of love, of desire to return and ask forgiveness for lying and to ask me in courtship and later in Wedding as fast as possible. St. Cyprian […]

Powerful prayer to sleep in peace

Dear God, I know that you want me to live in complete peace, I know that you wish that even from my hours of rest I can enjoy, I know that your greatest desire is that I can be happy everywhere And that at all times of my life you will protect me, For this […]

Powerful prayer to Jesus for the healing of a sick person

My good Jesus, I praise and adore you, I love you with all my heart And I thank your surrender for us in the Cross, I come before You knowing that you are always by our side That you see everything, everything you know and never abandon. You who give life in abundance And you […]

Powerful prayer to get a good job or an urgent business

Jesus, my good Jesus, my beloved Jesus,   My Lord, my Shepherd, my Savior, my God, I adore you as the Son of the Eternal Father, I trust in You and I praise You for your compassion and kindness, I revere you because you give me security and I fear nothing with you, I love […]