Prayer for immigrants

Prayer for immigrants Father of love and mercy, you provided your people Israel in their exodus from slavery the promised land that you established for them, and in Jesus Christ you provide a welcoming refuge for all those in need. We ask for your divine protection for all migrants who have left their homes in […]


LORD MY JESUS CHRIST     My Lord, Jesus Christ, God and true Man, Creator, Father and Redeemer of mine, Because you are who you are and because I love you above all things, it is with all my heart that I have offended you; I firmly propose never to sin again, get away from […]

Lord I and sin

Lord I and sin I confess before Almighty God, and before you brothers that I have sinned a lot of thought, word, deed and omission. Because of me, because of me, because of my great fault. That is why I pray to Mary, always Virgin, to the angels, to the saints and to you brothers, […]


PRAYER TO ASK FOR MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL HEALTH (For people suffering from depression, anguish, anxiety, stress, great worries, panic attacks, mental and emotional illnesses, victims of traumatic abuse, nervous diseases, etc.) Then he touched their eyes, saying: “Let it be done to you according to your faith.” Matthew 9:29 Saint John of God, that by […]

Prayer to Saint John of God to ask for the healing of a sick child

Prayer to Saint John of God to ask for the healing of a sick child Glorious Saint John of God, good and noble soul, that, magnified by God with his Power and His Grace, you shared the sufferings and afflictions of others, Now that you are with the good Jesus, that honors you and does […]

powerful prayers for financial help

 prayers for financial help   I give it all in Your hands, and that is why I proclaim: I trust and I hope in You, Lord! Lord Jesus, I come to place myself in your presence at this moment and to offer you my life with everything that I bring in my heart. My anguish, […]

powerful prayers for marriage

 prayers for marriage Lord my God, my father and my creator, I come to you today to ask for all marriages, Especially for those who are going through difficulties, So that you are the one who always lives in your hearts, So that we learn that as a couple and under your blessing, We can […]

powerful prayers during fasting

during fasting Loving father, today I have decided to fast. I remember that your prophets fasted, that Jesus Our Lord fasted, and that also his disciples did. The Blessed Virgin also fasted and now he invites me to do it. Eternal Father, I offer you this day of fasting. That through him I can be […]

Prayers of Padre Pio

St.Padre Pio O St.Padre Pio,holy bearers of the Wound of Christ,accept us this day as your spiritual sons and daughters and keep us always on the narrow path by your intercession. And do thou,O our Spiritual Father,stay there at the Gates of Heaven until all of your spiritual children have entered through, even and including […]

prayer to san Miguel Arcángel to ward off evil spirits

prayer to san Miguel Arcángel to ward off evil spirits     Oh glorious archangel Saint Michael You who are closest to the deity You who are the most powerful defender of the heavenly host Symbol of the struggle and the glorious victory over evil Divine Archangel Michael, you who are pure and perfect Help […]