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You want to attract true love to your life and in this way find the right person for you and in this way find pure and true happiness, in this post we will talk about love candles which are effective to find love through rituals , do not stop reading the post.

candles for love

Candles to attract love

There are various rituals that are performed with candles to attract love to our lives and if it has not worked it is because the ritual was surely performed in the wrong way since the effectiveness of them is in following the letter to the letter. instructions that are described, most people are not aware of the power that candles have to attract love and that behind the rituals that are performed with them are very effective and powerful.

In order to find true love for our life since they are spells that are focused directly on getting the heart of that person we love so much, we are going to discover a few curiosities about them.

There are various rituals and spells that can be performed using the famous love candles to attract love to our lives, sometimes candles are also used to perform rituals to find a desired job or to achieve something we want to have with great force And for this, these important elements such as candles are used so that through them we can achieve success in some aspect of our life. We are going to know below some more relevant curiosities about these candles:


The candles that are used to attract love are not ordinary candles, since they have a specific purpose that is why they are considered to be special, the candles can also be considered as an element that is used to relax us since when lighting them They manage to create a totally different environment and with a very strong energy, that is why the use of them is essential in all love rituals. It can be mentioned that there are many types of candles of different sizes, smells and colors, we will learn more about them:

The red color of a candle in general lines is associated with love like the pink color since this color is closely related to feelings and romanticism while the red color is directly related to love and passion that is felt For someone else, it is important to note that both colors of candles are very effective for rituals that have to do with attracting love into your life.

The color white has always been associated with purity and divinity, in the case of a candle it is not the exception since they are used in a love ritual to attract the purity and calm that are necessary in any relationship of couple, as well as harmony and tranquility that is why this color of candles is the ideal to balance this type of situation.

candles for love

If you are performing a ritual with candles to attract love, it is important to mention that at the end of this type of ritual you should not blow out the candles in one breath, since this action takes away strength and energy, which is why it is best to That the candles after completing the ritual are extinguished with metallic objects or simply a glass vase and in this way there is no risk of jeopardizing the effectiveness of the ritual.

Goddess venus

The Roman gods of antiquity, although it is hard for us to believe, are related a lot to love and passion, and they have a lot to do in our life with themes of the heart and from them many of the rituals and spells that we know and usually perform today originate. To attract love, from them it can also be rescued that for greater effectiveness it is better to perform this type of spells, it is more advisable to perform them on Fridays and this was said by the Goddess of love herself which is known by the name of Venus.

Love spells with white candles

Spells with white candles for love are very powerful, but they are also very easy to perform and also effective since the person you want to attract into your life, candles of this color have a special meaning, they are an emblem of purity and faith. We are going to know a series of spells that are very powerful.

Fall in love with white candles and cinnamon

This ritual with white candles to make you fall in love is very powerful to make you fall in love and also to eliminate any sadness from the heart, these spells must be performed with great faith and fervor for their effect to be immediate.

The materials to use

  • Chamomile flowers
  • Pure bee honey
  • Cinnamon
  • A glass of water
  • Three white flowers
  • A white candle
  • A photo of your loved one

Step by Step

To begin with this ritual, the first thing to do is proceed to prepare an infusion for which you will use the glass of water, the white flowers, the chamomile flowers and also the cinnamon respectively, once the infusion is ready. Using these ingredients you are going to proceed to take three drops of this infusion that you have just prepared and you are going to place them on top of the photo, which you are going to place on a flat surface, preferably a table next to it. the candle and in a clear and strong voice you will repeat the following words:

“Your love is tied to mine, you belong to me and you will be so for the rest of your life. You have stopped being an illusion in me, to become a reality. “

candles for love

Once you finish reciting the words with what is left of the infusion you will use it to bathe and you will let the candle burn itself, and you will see that as the days go by this begins to take effect.

Ritual with a white candle and an apple

This ritual is well known for being very powerful and effective since through it you can fall in love with a person who has a crush on your heart and you want to have her in your life, this you can achieve through a beautiful apple and a white love candle, lend pay close attention to what we are going to describe below:

The materials to use

  • A delicious red apple
  • A white sheet of paper
  • A white candle
  • A knife
  • honey
  • A black tie
  • A red petal

Step by Step

To start with this ritual, the first thing you should do is take the knife and in the core of the apple you will make a hole in the deep, then you will take the blank paper and with clear and legible hand you will proceed to write the names of both , that is, your name and that of that person you want to love so much.

To finish with the spell, you will take the paper and place it inside the apple, that is, in the hole that you just made and on the paper you will place the petals and bathe it with honey once you have finished doing this you will place around the apple the black ribbon and you are going to light the candle in front of the apple and you only have to wait for the ritual to take effect.

The force of 4 candles

There are various spells that can be found to achieve love, but the one that will be mentioned below in which 4 candles are used in very rare to find, so pay close attention to what we will be mentioning below.

For this type of ritual the candles that are going to be used must be pink as this color represents the purity of feelings and the truth is this ritual is very simple and practical to perform, see the instructions below:

To start you are going to place the 4 candles inside a plate and you are going to light them all and as you light them you will say clearly and with a strong and clear voice the name and surname of that person you want to fall in love with and that I arrive totally surrendered / surrendered to your feet swearing eternal love, you are going to let all the candles burn out and go out by themselves.

When you have lit all the candles you are going to make a holy request of your preference and you are going to request that it help you to have the love of that person you want and that the results of this spell are as desired and that they give the fruits of what you want. And that that loved one finally fixes on you and loves you with the same intensity.

In this case, the use of 4 candles is determined by the power behind the number 4, since this digit is related to success, balance and the fulfillment of our objectives.

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