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Powerful Prayers

Beautiful prayer to bless the home.

Today I give to you Lord, this house that You gave me one day. I ask you to enter it and take away all evil, anguish or sadness.

May the darkness be replaced by the warm flash of your intense light and henceforth only understanding, health, and prosperity reign.

Heavenly Father, I open the doors of your home to you, so that you may inhabit it and bless it with your infinite mercy and goodness. Make of this, my humble dwelling place, your protected place, because with your protection I will have nothing to fear.

I also ask you Lord, for those who live here. Guide us on a good and happy path. Every time we leave our home, please protect us from the sieges and threats of the outside world and allow us to return home with the satisfaction of duty.

Fill us with love and wisdom that will allow us to go forward and to be victorious of the challenges of day to day, and at the end of the day, let us meet again in our abode to testify to your tender kindness. Keep discussions and misunderstandings aside and allow us to be a happy family where there is only love.

With my heart full of gratitude because I know that you have heard the cries of this, your humble servant, I thank you heavenly father, creator of heaven and earth. I trust that your mantle of blessing and infinite love will pass over my home and my family, driving away all bad.

Lord of light, my soul delights to know that you are his father, and that you reign and dwell in your home. Because you are good and infinitely merciful and because whoever comes to you with humility and faith finds answer to their supplications, I thank you, sir. Amen.

Do this prayer with faith and joy to reach blessings, love, security, understanding and prosperity to your home and to all those who dwell in it. We hope you can enjoy the work of this beautiful prayer in your life.