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Powerful Prayers


Holy Angels Servants of the Kingdom of the Lord

wise counselors who comfort me with love,

faithful guardians who watch carefully my steps,

beneficial beings that from the glory you mediate

so that the goods and thanks come to me Celestial:

I invoke you so that by your power and goodness

intercede for me before God the Almighty Father.

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Ask him to please protect me, keep me away and free

from the bad words and bad actions of my enemies,

from all adversity, misfortune and ruin

of injustices, bad desires and evils

from all physical and spiritual danger,

so that once I feel liberated from all evil

I can sleep peacefully and live in peace,

and with you to thank the mercy that God gives me

and adore him, love him, serve him and all the days of my life.

Sacred Angels, beautiful beings of light,

with all the power of my mind,

with all the strength and energy of my body,

with all the sincerity that comes from my heart,

I beg you to defend, preserve and guard me.

Beloved angels, who are my strength and guide my steps,

make me free from all the evil they want me

and of all the evil that they try to do to me,

and, above all, of all evil or magic that they have done to me,

clean and purify my house, my work and my person

so that everything negative disappears,

and so, once the bad vibes are eliminated

may good luck, prosperity and abundance come.

Open my ways to the good and positive

so that my wishes of happiness and happiness are fulfilled.

Angels chosen by God who never abandon me

I beg you with immense fervor

that you do not stop protecting me and giving me your protection,

until every enemy, envy and evil,

get away from my life, my home, work and around me,

make it come out of this bad streak that seems to have no end

and get good financial stability as soon as possible

that allows me to live comfortably.

Oh my good and generous friends,

I implore you not to leave me without the remedy I need,

do not abandon me in such a hurry,

be my mediators in the heights

and bring them to the Presence of the Lord

my worries and anguish that afflict me,

I especially request your generous help to:

(make your request now with infinite confidence

for the Angels to hand it over to God).

Glorious immortal spirits, please I beg of you,

May the favors of Heaven come to me through your mediation

assist me in these moments of overwhelm

well I ……., although I try, by my weak means,

I can’t solve everything that anguishes me,

help me and take my humble and sincere supplications

before the throne of the Most High and of the Blessed Virgin Mary

and get that by his infinite mercy

be as soon as possible attended-to in what I request.

Thank you for being constantly by my side,

and especially when I need you most with me,

I know that you are not going to abandon me today or ever

and you will make good luck, abundance and prosperity

come to me and do not have to go through any more deficiencies,

I will always be grateful to you, and in proof of it

I will not stop having you present in my prayers

and I will be more supportive with my brothers men.

I beg you, as my friends and colleagues

do not stop giving me your protection and help,

watch my paths, direct my steps,

and light up my life so that I can overcome

all the bad situations that come my way,

and, especially, so that when the moment has come

may enter the House of the Father in Heaven

and with you enjoy Eternal happiness.
So be it. So what I ask is fulfilled. +

Pray three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys and three Glories.
You have to say the prayer and the prayers with faith and hope

for at least three days in a row.