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The powerful prayer to holy shirt It is very effective, so, if you are in search of a prayer for your protection and that of your loved ones, this prayer that you will find below is totally indicated, in addition to holy shirt you can also invoke it to dominate and much more.

prayer holy shirt

Powerful prayer to holy Shirt

On many occasions we find ourselves in the need to seek divine help to ask for protection to find from people who only seek to do us harm and what better way than to go to the Holy Shirt to request their spiritual protection against all our enemies and bad people that surround us. . For this we can invoke her through a very powerful and effective prayer and in this way she will come to our aid to drive away all those bad people from our side who only seek to harm us and in this way impose her divine justice.

Catholic tradition indicates that the holy shirt or tunic used by the Lord was obtained by Saint Helena in the so-called holy land, this fact occurs in 328 AD and in this way also manages to get the cross where our Heavenly Father suffered and died crucified.

It is important to mention that the tunic was the one that our Lord Jesus wore before he was cruelly crucified by the Roman soldiers of the time, this same tunic was the one that the soldiers at the time of Jesus and being crucified wanted to divide for each one keep a part in such a way that since they failed to break it they gave up and decided to leave it to chance by betting on a game of dice.

Since then this tunic or shirt is considered sacred and miraculous and that is why thousands of believers come to it to ask for divine protection against all evil, below we are going to describe a powerful prayer that you need to know if you require the help of the saint shirt:

Through the intersection of holy shirt I want to remain on that day the holy company of God, that the sacred mantle of Santa María, his mother and our mother, shelters us and protects us always so that it frees us from all danger and evil that may stalk us. Santa shirt listen to my pleas I beg you.

Hail Mary gratia full dominus I fulfill you, Holy Shirt I ask you to hear my words and that in this way you move away from me all the evil spirits that only seek to harm me come to my side and those baptized and unbaptized evil spirits move away thanks to your divine protection.

I more than anyone have the firm conviction that Christ conquers, Christ reigns, and is the Lord and just Son of the Virgin Mary, I know that he is the king of kings who was born that solemn day full of joy and who died on the cross to save to all his sons of evil.

That is why holy Shirt that I prostrate before you to ask for your protection, I beg you that no evil being wants to harm me, that if they have eyes that cannot be able to see me, if they have hands that cannot touch me, I implore you sir that iron does not hurt me and knots do not tie me.

Just as God said to Libon: with three nuts they will not be able to harm me, neither you, nor any other person who carries them. Amen, Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Dominus tecum berrum carrum, holy Mary pious, mother of our Lord Jesus Christ and our mother, you who entered Mount Tartary and managed to find the great serpent; With a hyssop of holy water you sprinkled it and, softening the hearts of my enemies, you expelled the world.

Santa Camisa I want to ask you earnestly to keep all enemies from my side since these people only seek to harm me, I also ask you that if these people have eyes that do not see me, that if they have my eyes, they will not be able to reach me, that if they have hands that They cannot touch me and less to harm me, that the iron does not hurt me, that the knots do not tie me and by the three swords of Saint Julian they are defeated, with the milk of the Virgin they are sprinkled and in the Holy Sepulcher they are buried. Amen, Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Before you I promise that three of our fathers I will pray in the name of the death and passion of our Lord Jesus Christ, and through this prayer that this day you do I will put it against my enemies holy blessed shirt, so that all those people if They have eyes that cannot see me, if they have feet they cannot reach me and if they have hands they cannot touch me, much less to hurt me, that iron cannot hurt me and that knots cannot tie me. For the three crowns of the Patriarch Saint Abraham, I will offer a prayer in union with myself so that each of my enemies may come meek before me, just as our Lord Jesus Christ was with the tree to the cross.

Saint ldefonso, blessed confessor of our Lord Jesus Christ who blessed the host and the chalice, on the main altar, bless my bed, my body, my house and everything around me, free me from witches, sorcerers and people of evil intentions. With three I measure you, with three I leave you, with the grace of God and the Holy Spirit. Amen, Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

prayer holy shirt

To complement the prayer, an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a creed must be said, and also for greater effectiveness, a white candle must be lit when invoking the holy shirt.

Prayer to the mantle of Jesus

Lord Jesus I wrap myself in your sacred mantle and in the tunic that wrapped you before you were crucified, I wrap myself in them so that their sacred power protects me from all danger and all evil lords, those same clothes that Roman soldiers wear. They cast their lot without respecting everything that symbolizes you, That sacred mantle and that tunic is a symbol of healing and liberation from the beloved father.

Lord Jesus Christ, at the request of your cross, he managed to find mercy, at the foot of your cross he managed to find the protection that I so much need in the shadow of the Most High, in the shadow of the Holy Spirit.

My life is hidden in God and the devil cannot touch it. I am buried together with Christ and his holy shroud envelops me. Christ conquers, Christ reigns, Christ reigns, Christ defend me from dangers. Christ saves, Christ heals and comes again.

Lord that your sacred mantle but also your divine blood cover my life always Lord that nothing can touch to harm me, my father never abandon me always guide my way so that nothing can stop my plans, Lord I also ask you that with your holy mantle you cover the life of all my loved ones so that they are eternally protected and guided by you.

By the divine glory of your sacred mantle lord, I give myself completely to you so that only you dominate my life, because from the hand of the father, son and holy spirit, there will be no demon that can stop me.

God for me, no one against me. Safe I am, safe I will be, safe I will walk. Amen.

prayer holy shirt

Prayer in front of the Shroud

Lord Jesus, in front of the Shroud, as in a mirror, we contemplate the mystery of your passion and death for us. It is the greatest love with which you loved us, until you gave your life for the last sinner.

It is the greatest love, which also prompts us to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters. In the wounds of your battered body we meditate on the wounds caused by every sin: forgive us, Lord. In the silence of your humbled face we recognize the suffering face of each man: help us, Lord.

In the peace of your body lying in the tomb we meditate on the mystery of death awaiting the resurrection: hear us, Lord.


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