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Powerful Prayers


Through the Sacred Heart of Jesus you can present to God, our beloved Eternal Father who overflows mercy, your requests. God in his infinite goodness told us: “ask me, through the Heart of my most loving Son, because through that Heart I will listen to you and you will achieve what you ask of me.”

At the same time, Jesus Christ promises “to pour out abundant blessings and with true generosity to those who sincerely honor and confidently turn to his Most Sacred Heart, which is always open to those in need.

Do this NOVENA with time, spend a few minutes to simply tell Our Lord Jesus how much you want to be close to his Heart, as well as to be well received by him, tell him that at this time you need his holy help and how much you you hope he grants you his favors to have peace of mind and solve everything that ails you, ask him with all your being because he is a source of graces and is always ready to help whoever calls him and with hope gives him their problems, their needs and sorrows, so that they can be resolved as soon as possible.



(Make prayer and prayers for nine days in a row).

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in You.

Heart of Jesus, may I love you and make you love.

Oh Heart of Jesus!

I put all my trust in You

of my weakness I fear everything,

but I expect everything from your goodness.

My Jesus, I am counting on you,

I trust you I surely rest in You

I am safe in your heart!

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in you.

Jesus’s Heart, that I love you and make you love.

Oh Jesus, I entrust this request to your Heart:

(It is said with immense faith what one wants to achieve:

need, love, problem, illness, work, business …).

Look at what is so precise, look at me,

then do with me what your Heart tells you;

let your Sacred Heart work,

let your heart decide

Oh Jesus, I’m counting on you

I trust You, I give myself to You,

I am sure of you,

I fully trust You.

I abandon myself and take refuge in your Mercy,

my good Jesus,

because I know that she never fails me.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust you.

Sacred Heart of Jesus I believe in your love for me.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, your Kingdom come.

Pray three Our Fathers, a Hail Mary and a Gloria.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in You (repeat this phrase 9 times).

Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus,

I implore you to attend my request,

I know that I have come to you on multiple occasions,

but this time I need your urgent help,

take my desperate request to the Father

and get help

in what with humility and hope I request.

Oh sweet Jesus, you have said:

“If you want to please Me, trust Me;

if you want to please me more, trust more;

If you want to please me immensely, trust immensely;

unsuspecting souls are the stealers of my graces. “

I trust you immensely.

In You, Lord, I hope and with all my fervor I beg You

let me not be eternally confused.

Amen. +

Pray an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Gloria.

Repeat the prayer and prayers indicated for 9 days in a row.