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Powerful Prayers

7 prayers to touch someone’s heart to love you

Sometimes we are faced with situations where we need a helping hand. Sometimes we need to be forgiven by someone we have wronged. And, also sometimes, we may need to be loved by a particular person. In either of these cases, we will need a prayer to touch someone’s heart.

Why do you want to touch someone’s heart?

If you’ve ever dealt with someone difficult, you might want to convince them and have wondered if there isn’t an unconventional way to make it happen. And what do we do if we want to get the favor of an authority or to get someone to drop a case?

Well, we need a prayer to touch the heart of this authority.

What if we would like to get someone’s love? We can pray for love by using prayer to touch someone’s heart.

Apart from meditation or flirting techniques, you need a divine thumb with a prayer to touch someone’s heart to make us love, to obtain love or a favor from a person.

Prayer to touch someone’s heart and obtain some favor.

People often pray to touch someone’s heart to finally get some favor. And one of the possible cases would be to obtain a favor from an authority. It can also be in the case of dropping a case in court.

This is how there are prayers and psalms to touch someone’s heart.

Among the verses of the Bibles and the Psalms to touch the heart of someone we have:

    1. “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is invisible, for what is seen is temporary, but what is invisible is eternal.” 2 Corinthians 4:18
    2. “Bismillahi Fikalbika, Ar rahman Fi Lissanika, Ar Rahimi fi Waj’hika”. It is a short, powerful prayer to be recited by heart in front of the person from whom you would like to obtain a favor. Insha allahou, the outcome will be favorable.
    3. The last 3 verses of Sura At-Tawba can be written and worn on the left arm before the interview with a person requested for help.

There are many, but we have given the simplest.

Why do we need a prayer to touch someone’s heart to be loved?

It’s a bit cowardly to want to be loved by someone who doesn’t want us. No offense to some, but know that since the dawn of time and throughout history, there has been and continues to exist what is called “red magic”. These are white magic spells to be loved. And it works!

When it comes to touching a person’s heart, we can use a prayer, but also something else. In the case of a prayer to touch someone’s heart, the masters of fate decide if it is in the direction of evolution and Universal balance. If it’s in the direction of evolution, yes, it works.

A prayer can thus force the consent of someone and compel him to accept and do the will of the other.

Here are some red magic rituals to attract love or activate love.

      • Thus, a glass of water in which a woman would have blown 70 times while calling the name of her lover, will have the gift of bending the latter to the latter’s requirements if he were to drink this water.
      • It is the same when a man recites certain verses of Sura Yassin on a fruit and gives food to the woman of his choice; this will make the wishes of the latter.
      • A woman, who will like men to see her as a beautiful and attractive woman, will wash herself with the water from the yellow banana leaves and drink some of it. She will thus touch the hearts of men who will see her as attractive and very beautiful. You can for example accompany this with a short prayer to touch the hearts of men by saying:“May this portion make me the most beautiful and the most attractive of women – may every man keep me in his heart at first sight, for, I shine like the sun in the day and the full moon in the night”.
      • And finally, an individual’s footsteps becomes a magical object that allows you to touch the heart of the latter, by collecting someone’s footprints and putting a few drops of our own blood in them from one of them. our precise fingers, and by making a bundle of it all, we can then touch that person’s heart to get their favor.

        This portion can be accompanied by a prayer in which the name of the person is said.

        For example: “By the power of the blood, may such and such be joined with me, as fire, air and water are joined with the earth, and the spirit of (such and such) become one with mine like the light of the Sun with Life and the Stars with the Sky. So be it! ”

Concentration and visualization must come together in this practice for optimal results.

There are tons of effective red magic recipes that you can use more than just prayers to touch people’s hearts and make you love them. A document like The Most Powerful Rituals of Red Magic can help you find dozens of the simple and effective rituals to win hearts.

How do you touch someone’s heart so that they give up a case?

As part of the prayer to touch someone’s heart, very often we need to have a case that is pending in court abandoned. If we want the person to forget the matter, we can kind of muzzle them with a prayer to touch the courts. And how?

The Koranic virtues to touch hearts and make abandon a business.

With certain verses of the Holy Quran written in a certain way and buried or thrown in designated places, a person can become mute in front of the bar. We just muzzled him …

In other cases, he can be made to forget the matter. This is called “the fate of oblivion”. The complainant forgets to appear in court on the appointed day to plead their case. Or, she is no longer interested in pursuing the case. Interesting isn’t it?

But, how do we do that?

We can write:

Ritual 1:

    • Sura Al Quraich, (this is sura 106 of the Holy Quran)
    • Enter the name of the person whose favors you want to obtain
    • Cover with a paw of …
    • And bury it in a tomb.

This done, the complainant will no longer be able to say anything, even in front of a judge.

Ritual 2.

Another verse also allows us to wait for a verse from the Koran to achieve this same objective. This is verse 18 of sura 2 (the cow).

You have to:

    • Write it down on a piece of paper
    • Put the complainant’s name in the Mim and repeat the letter Lam 7 times.
    • When it’s done, put it in a bottle and throw it in a stream.


A certain verse is recited several times while blindfolded. It has the knack of making it so that we get what we want from a person. She becomes like “a sheep” because she does whatever she is asked to do.

Note: these two recipes are incomplete. There are too many dishonest people who will be able to use them to slip through the cracks of justice. We believe that justice should be served and that the perpetrators should pay for their crime. This is why we pass over these powerful mysteries in silence.

Prayer to be forgiven.

In some cases, we may seek to touch someone’s heart to make us forgive.

I wouldn’t give a prayer for that. And I’ll tell you why.

If we have hurt someone, we must first ask them for forgiveness before we think about asking God for forgiveness. It was God Himself who commanded it so. It’s cowardly to hide behind a prayer to be forgiven by someone.

Many people do things that hurt others and seek forgiveness from God rather than asking forgiveness from the person he or she has offended. It’s a waste of time.

Instead of making a prayer to touch the heart of someone you’ve hurt, just go and beg his forgiveness. Even if he refuses and does not agree to forgive you, God has already forgiven you. This is the right way to go.

Does prayer to touch someone’s heart work?

The universe is constrained by superior forces and spirits. Sometimes a person’s heart cannot be prized. This, by karmic law. But God being the Almighty, if your prayer goes in the direction of your evolution, you would win the cause.

Can prayer for love hurt?

Without knowing, yes, it can hurt sometimes. We have sometimes seen people who are completely obsessed with a person. Others hijack married women or men and break up couples. Do not use a prayer to touch the heart of someone who is already taken, otherwise you will be responsible for the Karma.

Last thought

Prayer to touch someone’s heart has many facets as we can see. It can help to be forgiven, to be loved, to obtain a favor or to have a case dropped in court. It’s up to you to see what you do with it.

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