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Powerful Prayers

7 Prayers For Luck That Will Bring You Luck And Good Fortune

Are you running out of luck in your life? You think that a prayer for luck can help you get the divine boost? This article is for you!

Although some people think that luck does not attract but that it provokes itself, well, to invoke God with the prayers for luck is also cause luck. It being understood that it is God who has the power over all situations.

From the above, I think it would be opportune for a believer to get used to praying, but, to put special emphasis on the prayers of abundance and luck.

Prayers for luck and how they work.

In all religions there are prayers for favors. Prayers for luck, money, happiness, healing etc.

Prayers for luck when you are a Christian.

Prayer for good luck

“Mighty Father, in the name of Jesus I draw near to you in this time of need. I ask that Your favor follow me wherever I go with the soles of my feet. In my interaction with other people, I ask that I receive a favor. Wherever I go, may your kindness and mercy follow me every day of my life. I ask You to allow my feet, once more, to find the way and deliver me from my troubles in life. May luck be by my side wherever I go. I hope that no spirit of bad luck, rejection and misfortune will stop me and my children. As Your mercies are new every day, I also ask you for the renewal of Your love for my life at every moment. I decree that whatever I lay my hands on will prosper because I am Your disciple. I ask for good luck in my career, my business and my family. Sanctify me from every form of sin that leads to calamity. Thank you for listening to my petitions. I believe and hope she is established in the mighty name of Jesus.


This prayer is very powerful and can be accompanied with the Lucky Psalms.

A powerful prayer for luck

“Lord of the highest heavens, remember not my transgressions and forgive me my many transgressions with which I have never offended you. I need your mighty hand to manifest luck in my life. I made bad decisions. I wasted the good gifts you gave me and I want to do better. Lord, send more luck in my path so that I have more chance to redeem my situation. Send strong friends and mentors into my life who can help me get back on my feet. You are a God who never fails to keep his promises. Amen.”

Prayer for good fortune

“Heavenly Father, I come before You at this time as Your humble servant. I know You hear my prayer and answer honestly. I want to thank You first for everything You have given me. It is not by my own strength or power, but by Your grace and Your mercies. Lord, I present to You my current financial situation. You know very well how I have tried to improve certain aspects of my life. I come to you because I know that nothing is impossible for you. I leave all my concerns to you and pray for good fortune. Find me a way. I’m not asking this question just for financial reasons. There are some things in my life that could be better. Bless me abundantly so that I can have this request. I pray that the Holy Spirit will guide me in all my endeavors so that I do not stray from the right path. Thanks for hearing my call.


Prayer for luck

“Lord God, like any loving Father, you want the best for your children. You teach us what unconditional love is through Your son Jesus. So, I pray for Your good favors in this life. Give me the means and the circumstances to take care of my family, my property and my loved ones. Give me a grateful disposition so that I cannot forget that You are the hand that provides all things. Above all, allow me to endure all things with the fruit of Your holy spirit, which You have poured out on all men. Amen.”




Prayer for good luck in Islam.

Islam regulates special prayers for good luck. From verses to suras, you can pray for luck by invoking the providential hand of Allahu Almighty on your life.

In Islam, as in many other religions in the book, there are many prayers for luck.

Prayer for luck with Le Basmala

The Basmala is at the opening of all the suras except one. Whenever one starts an activity by reciting this short verse from the Quran, God brings blessing in it. And then, it’s as easy as hello to say: Bismillah!

La Fathia has 7 more powerful verses. This is sura 1 and it is also a prayer for good luck in Islam.

Fatiha – Prayer For Luck In Islam

Fatiha - Prayer For Luck In Islam

        1. In the name of God, the Most Mercy, the Merciful
        2. Praise be to God, Lord of the universes
        3. the Most Merciful, the Merciful
        4. the King of the Day of Allegiance.
        5. It is You whom we adore, You from whom the help we implore.
        6. Guide us on the path to righteousness
        7. the way of those whom You have blessed, not that of the reprobate, nor of those who go astray.

This surah is the source of all good answered invocations. No good invocation in Islam takes place without it. So, recite it 7 times when you want to get good results.

Prayer for good luck in Islam with theVerse 129 of the sura 9 (At-tawbah).

Say: “Allah is enough for me. There is no god but Him. In Him I place my trust; and He is Lord of the immense Throne ”.

The verse of At-Tawbah is a great prayer for luck. It is recited 3 times before doing anything. After that, pass your hand over the visae or on the back of the neck.

It can also be written on a pachemin viere and worn on the left arm to obtain favors during a job interview for example or a negotiation.

Surah Al Waquia is a prayer for luck and abundance

This surah is one of the most powerful in terms of having luck and especially of attracting abundance. As usual, it is recited in the evening.

It is good practice to recite it every night for 40 consecutive days. It will bring you luck and good fortune in addition to opening you up to abundance.

It can be used at the same time with the divine name Ya Zouljalali Wal-Ikram.



How To Pray With Power When You Are A Muslim

Does Prayer For Luck Really Work?

Yes, any prayer well done works to bring results. We must respect the rules of answered prayers, follow the divine prescriptions.

And now you have plenty to start praying for luck. Recite each day, morning and evening if possible and luck will be with you by the grace of God.

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